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Brocade is an ornate fashion trend that has stood the test of time, originating from the Middle Ages. It’s a decorative fabric that is shuttle-woven with a raised pattern, typically featuring silver or gold thread, which exudes a feeling of timeless elegance and luxuriousness. Inspired by this stylish, scrolly sentiment, the Brocade Chain Border Maker Cartridge can make your special moments (think milestone anniversaries, dinner parties, prom, black-tie weddings and more) dress to the nines with ease. Make a fashion statement frenzy in a flash with these brocade border ideas for scrapbooking!

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Farm living is the life for us — and an a-neigh-zing new collection! It’s time to reveal your rural roots, for the On the Farm collection is ready to be cultivated. Inspired by classic red barns, organic vegetables and grains, fresh-cut flowers, farm animals and acres and acres of green pastures, it’s perfect for tractor pulls, gardening, milking goats and cows, collecting eggs in the chicken coop, weekend getaways in the countryside, farm-themed birthdays and more! Yeehaw! Round up your country charms with this farm themed scrapbook layout.

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We’re marching right into it — it’s time for the March Virtual Crop! Get ready, get set and let’s gooooo!

If this is your first time participating in a Virtual Crop and you would like a quick step-by-step guide of what to expect before you jump in, you can get ALL the details on Virtual Crops in this blog post, including how to participate (in our Virtual Crop Facebook Group), supplies you’ll need, examples of challenges, the types of prizes and more.

If you want to know what’s new for 2023 VC’s, you can read about the updated features in this blog post.

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Wave hello to spring — literally — for today’s blog features a wavy, warming and wonderful design that is as soft and sweeping as an easy-going breeze on a springtime day. What are some sensations you like to do during this time of year? Enjoying walks or yoga in the park? Jumping in rain puddles with the kiddos or grandkids? Visiting farmers’ markets for fresh veggies, fruits, flowers and herbs? Taking a stroll through a rose garden? The budding memories and nature’s hue-tiful canvas of pastel possibilities are endless — just like this spring scrapbook layout!

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“Spring break” is often a looked forward to break for many school-aged kiddos and their parents, as well as college students. The weather finally starts to warm up a bit from the chill of Old Man Winter, and everyone is eager to dust off their luggage, get to packing and travel. (But let’s be honest, any time of year can call for a vacation to sandy beaches, an escape with besties, a chance to visit theme parks or national parks and more in order to kick back, relax and recharge those batteries — the world can be your oyster!) If you go for the sunny and sensational route, then this tropical scrapbook layout is your ideal scrapbooking getaway!

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We know you have lots of work cut out for you when it comes to scrapbooking and crafting projects. And a good pair of sharp, precise scissors will make creating those layouts, borders, cards and more as smooth as butter. A good pair of scissors is a must-have for a scrapbooker! Speaking of scissors, the Scissors Border Punch is a cut above the rest — and for us scrapbookers, this punch is a perfect tool to document the crops, expos, Beginner Classes and more that go on in the creative scene! Take a look at these scrapbook scissors borders that truly make the cut!

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Your beautiful photographs deserve extra beautiful pages… and that’s where the CM blog comes into play! From single-page layouts to double-page spreads, and even some borders, cards and more thrown into the mix! Take a peek at these four layouts and let your creativity run wild!

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Who out there is a proud plant parent or has a fondness for foliage? No matter how green your thumb is, springtime calls for fragrant and fresh flowers, budding blooms, lush leaves and more! Do you know what else this season calls for? This spring scrapbook layout with an easy-to-put-together watering can idea. Let your creativity grow!

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We’ve got a treat of a layout for you today! We’re talking a three-tiered masterpiece of a cake, complete with candles, a little BMC icing and decoration too… Doesn’t that sound like a recipe for something sweet! Now, let’s dig in to this birthday scrapbook layout idea from blog contributor Sachiyo Omitsu!

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Another month is almost gone, which means the Completed Album Challenge must be ON! Yes indeed, the February Completed Album Challenge is going on now in the Virtual Crop Facebook Group! Want a little more spring in your step? Well, you’re in luck — today also marks the launch of the newest Painted Garden collection, filled to the beautiful brim with juicy strawberries and blackberries, hummingbirds, sunshine bursts, fresh florals and horticulture and more.

If you completed an album this month (does not need to be from start to finish in February, just completed in February), make a short video flipping through each of the pages in your newly completed album. Then, post your video in the Virtual Crop Facebook Group with the hashtag #CompletedFeb2023 for the chance to win!

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