Coronavirus: Total US COVID-19 cases pass 44 million mark

The total number of COVID-19 cases in the United States surpassed 44 million on Wednesday, with more than 3.5 million new coronavirus infections reported during the past 28 days.

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By Wednesday evening, U.S. COVID-19 cases totaled 44,058,671, and the nationwide death toll totaled 707,775, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

Meanwhile, global cases have surpassed 236 million, resulting in nearly 4,827,642 virus-related fatalities. India has recorded the second-highest nationwide cases with nearly 33.8 million and is closing in on 450,000 deaths. Brazil has confirmed more than 21.5 million cases and is closing in on the 600,000 fatality mark.

California, Texas, Florida and New York remain the hardest-hit U.S. states with cumulative infections ranging from more than 4.75 million to more than 2.45 million. The following nine other states have confirmed at least 1 million cases:

  • Illinois: More than 1.64 million cases, resulting in more than 27,000 deaths.
  • Georgia: Nearly 1.6 million cases, resulting in more than 26,800 deaths.
  • Pennsylvania: More than 1.45 million cases, resulting in more than 29,700 deaths.
  • Ohio: More than 1.4 million cases, resulting in nearly 22,500 deaths.
  • North Carolina: More than 1.4 million cases, resulting in nearly 17,000 deaths.
  • Tennessee: More than 1.24 million cases, resulting in more than 15,400 deaths.
  • Michigan: More than 1.17 million cases, resulting in more than 22,600 deaths.
  • New Jersey: More than 1.16 million cases, resulting in more than 27,500 deaths.
  • Arizona: More than 1.1 million cases, resulting in more than 20,500 deaths.

Fifteen other states have reported at least half a million cases, including Indiana, Virginia, South Carolina, Missouri, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Alabama, Louisiana, Minnesota, Kentucky, Colorado, Washington, Oklahoma, Maryland and Utah. Meanwhile, another 11 states have reported fewer than half a million cases but more than 200,000 cases, including Arkansas, Mississippi, Iowa, Nevada, Kansas, Connecticut, Oregon, Nebraska, Idaho, New Mexico and West Virginia.

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