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    Inhabitans:1.000-000 – 3.000.000
    Growth Forecast p.a.:0% – 1%
Mayor’s Message:
Projects: transport and cycling solutions, Smart parking, City Wifi, Intelligent rubbish handling
Twin City: Beijing, Paris, Reykjavik, Cambeche
Partner Cities (Project Related):
Fields of Activity:

Buildings, Education, Energy, Environment + CC, Finance, Food & Water, Governance, Health, Mobility, Resilience, Security, Services, Smart Home, Society, Sustainability, Waste

Specific Project Targets:
We Offer:
We Search:
Articles: 1) City of Copanhagen
2) Top smart cities in the world
3) Copenhagen getting a smart city lab
Message: ”Every day we strive to make Copenhagen a better city to live in and at the same time we create more jobs for the Copenhageners. We do that by – among other things – using new technological solutions so that it is easier to be both a citizen and a company in Copenhagen. It is a great recognition of our city that international experts find that we are in the lead, when it comes to creating a smart city,” Lord Mayor Frank Jensen


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