CompTIA ISAO Adds Sophos’ Real-Time Cybersecurity Threat Analysis…

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Members of the ISAO have access to SophosLabs IntelixTM, which provides a quick analysis of known and unknown cybersecurity risks.

FREMONT, CA: Advanced cybersecurity threat analysis and intelligence capabilities are now accessible through an expanded relationship with global next-generation cybersecurity company Sophos and its industry-leading and highly regarded threat research lab, SophosLabs.

CompTIA, the nonprofit group for the information technology (IT) industry and workers, expands cyber capabilities.

CompTIA ISAO members can submit suspicious URLs and files directly to SophosLabs IntelixTM for quick analysis to identify whether they are known or zero-day cybersecurity risks via the ISAO’s Cyber Forum. SophosLabs Intelix merges petabytes of threat intelligence derived from decades of SophosLabs threat research with Sophos AI tools and techniques, providing the CompTIA ISAO and its managed services provider (MSP), vendor, distributor, and associate members with a powerful new source of threat intelligence.

“SophosLabs research illustrates how adversaries are constantly changing their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to breach targets, move laterally and carry out ransomware and other attacks,” says Simon Reed, senior vice president SophosLabs. “The only way to effectively fight modern cybercrime is if we do it together. That’s why Sophos is committed to sharing actionable threat intelligence with the CompTIA community. This new integration gives member organizations advanced abilities to quickly investigate suspicious URLs and files to determine their risk and to understand what happens if they are opened or executed. Powered by machine learning, SophosLabs Intelix predictively convicts never-before-seen threats, and is constantly improving based on the collective input of community intelligence.”

“This is a real differentiator for our members, who can access a powerful analysis resource to identify, classify and prevent threats, further protecting themselves and more importantly, their customers,” says MJ Shoer, senior vice president and executive director of the CompTIA ISAO.

As a Silver Industry Partner, Sophos has supplied detailed threat analysis from SophosLabs Uncut to the CompTIA ISAO.

“This is a significant addition to the resources available to our members,” Shoer adds. “It is the latest example of the support that industry partners such as Sophos have for the CompTIA ISAO, and the commitment we all have to make the industry more secure.”

The CompTIA ISAO is a community of approximately 1,200 member firms that collaborate to exchange best practices, cyber threat intelligence, instructional content, and more to combat growing cyber threats. The CompTIA ISAO, in collaboration with public and private cybersecurity agencies and organizations, assists its members in understanding the threat landscape, defending against current and future threats and increasing cybersecurity awareness across the global technology industry.

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