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What was hidden during the wan days of February becomes painfully obvious as March sunlight streams through the windows: Your house could use a spring cleaning. If those words make you cringe, don’t worry! There’s no need to dread the annual ritual to rid your home of winter’s dust and post-holiday grime. Tackling just six areas in the house can have your home looking and feeling fresher in a … read more

Soft fluffy fur. Big floppy ears. What’s not to love about a bunny? Because rabbits reliably multiply, they have been symbols of spring since ancient times. And just like real rabbits, bunny and Easter Bunny decor is especially plentiful at this time of year.When you get right down to it, there’s no better way to start off your spring than by displaying a decorative bunny – or several. We have man … read more

Is the mid-winter weather outside your window looking pretty dreary? One of the easiest ways to lift your spirits and your decor at this time of year is to hang a spring wreath. Your Christmas wreath might have been glittery and glamorous, while your winter wreath was white and serene. But spring is the time to re-introduce lightness and color!

If you want to create a beautiful Easter table setting, remember: Details make the difference. It isn’t enough to dig out the “good dishes” (do people even have those anymore?) and matching silverware. Your table linens, centerpiece and decorations are all part of the overall effect.

What’s your favorite thing about spring? Maybe it’s the longer, sunnier days. Warmer weather. Blooming flowers and chirping birds.If you enjoy all of the above from a porch or patio, then now’s the time to sweep away last year’s leaves, wipe off winter’s grime and get ready to spend more time outdoors.Spring is one of our favorite seasons, too – along with winter, summer and fall! Keeping in mind … read more


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