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The Infront Professional Terminal combines real-time global market data, news, analytics and electronic trading in one intuitive platform, putting financial markets at your fingertips.

Infront Professional Terminal

Fast. Easy. Smart.

With your entire workflow in one single terminal, you can discover, analyze and trade global financial markets in a heartbeat. The Infront Professional Terminal comes packed with real-time global market data and razor-sharp analytics so you can be on top of every investment opportunity. Powerful search tools, clear menus and an intuitive workflow make it easy for you to find what you need so that you take smarter decisions and act on them faster. Take a free trial and find out why professional users are replacing their legacy terminals with the Infront Professional Terminal.

Cut through the noise and gain unique market insight

Access global market data

With data from over 80 exchanges, MTFs, contributing brokers and more, Infront gives you a complete overview of the markets that are important to you. Combine equities, derivatives, fixed income, commodities, funds, FX and money market data in your own custom interface for an unparalleled view of the market.

Data that you can trust

Quality data is key to your success. The Infront Professional Terminal includes data from highly acclaimed data sources such as Morningstar for global funds data on more than 50.000 funds and ETFs, and Factset for estimates and company data covering all major listed companies worldwide. Not to mention data on our core markets from our own award-winning news agencies and data providers.

Financial news and research

Get easy access to real-time financial news from leading sources, regulatory news, in-depth research and social media. Powerful search, filtering and alert tools, combined with an historical archive gives you the information you need when you need it.

Infront proved to be highly competitive from a value-for-money and functionality perspective.

Nadim Mohamed, Director and Analyst, First Avenue Investment Managers

Powerful analytics and modelling tools

Powerful analytics and modelling tools

Get a unique combination of in-depth data, expert analysis and powerful modelling tools. Overview pages for companies, indices, funds, asset classes and countries give you a clear, compact first look. Click on nearly everything to instantly drill down into the details. Infront Analytics is a web and Excel platform that streamlines your equity analytics process, giving you easy access to information and time-saving tools.

  • Unmatched global coverage of over 80,000 active public companies
  • Market screener and league tables for sharp market analysis
  • Customer reports and data export for efficient data sharing
  • Find and compare peers in seconds

IPT: Analytics overview

Advanced charting and visualizations

Advanced charting and visualizations

Advanced charting tools help you to visualize huge amounts of data, making it easier to understand and act on the information. Access time series on more than 7 million instruments, from tick-by-tick to end-of-day data wih decadesof historical prices. View corporate actions, news and research directly in the chart, customize with studies and annotations, and share with one click.

  • Extremely fast charting engine
  • Access time series on more than 7 million instruments
  • Add more than 50 studies and customize charts
  • Share your charts easily with other Infront Professional Terminal users

IPT: Multi Axes In Chart Terminal 9

Monitor portfolios in real-time

Monitor portfolios in real-time

The Infront Portfolio Tracker gives you a complete overview of your portfolios and the market with specific news, macroeconomic events, fundamental analytics and back testing. With cross-platform real-time alerts using Infronts Noise Reduction algorithm, you are always updated on portfolio performance. The Infront Portfolio Tracker allows you to view, track and interact with your portfolio and the market – all in one place and in real-time.

  • Full integration with Portfolio Management Systems
  • Cross-platform real-time alerts on portfolio performance and events
  • Portfolio attribution and characteristics
  • Summary of the portfolios composition and attribution
  • Portfolio-specific news, research, and macroeconomic events
  • Multi-account management for overview of intra-day performance of multiple portfolios

IPT: Portfolio Tracker Screen Shot  190307

Additional features

Get the market insights you need

Infront helps you understand the movements of the markets. Stay on top of macro-economic and company events with professional news services from leading providers. Utilize research from brokers and independent research providers to support your investment strategy. Get an overview of company events and global macro-economic key figures the second they are released with Infront’s live calendar service.

Excel and desktop APIs

With a seamless Excel integration and Desktop APIs, the Infront Professional Terminal offers you all the tools to maximize your work. Using a two-way integration with Microsoft Excel, you can populate spreadsheets with live market data and analytics from Infront, build your own or use ready-made Excel models, and import lists from Excel into the Infront terminal. Read more about the Excel Add-in.

Using Infront’s Destop API for R and Python, you can conduct portfolio analyses, simulate extreme events and their effect on prices, create visualizations and indicators to better understand the market dynamics, and much more. The desktop API for R and Python provides you with over 114,000 open-source packages covering thousands of use cases.

2021 eng screen Excel Add-In Template Samples

Stay connected wherever you are

Built to help you stay on top of market movements on the go, our mobile app offers you all the functionality you would expect from the full site but easily accessible on your mobile device. The Infront Web App gives you access to your terminal from wherever you are working, As a user of the Infront Professional Terminal, you have access to the Web App and Mobile Apps. Stay connected with the markets wherever you are so you are on top of changes and can act on opportunities as and when they happen.

Download the App.

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Maximize results with powerful add-ins

Excel Add-in

Infront provides a two-way integration with Microsoft Excel, which lets you populate Excel spreadsheets with live market data and analytics from Infront, build your own or use ready-made Excel models, and import lists from Excel into the Infront terminal. Read more about the Excel Add-in.


Stay on top of the market and ahead of the competition by being the first with the latest news. With the PLX.AI news service add-in to the Infront terminal, you get access to European financial market news virtually as it happens. Read more about PLX.AI.

Grunt Powerpoint Add-in

Create your presentations faster than ever before with the Grunt PowerPoint Add-in that links to your Infront excel reports. With customizable templates, automatic updates, formatting and layout, you can visualize data and create recurring presentations with minimal effort. Read more about the Grunt Powerpoint Add-in.

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Find out why professional users are replacing their legacy terminals with the Infront Professional Terminal.

Access global market data


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