Cathedral hosts Robotics tournament

Submitted photoCathedral High School hosted its first ever Robotics Tournament Saturday in the CHSgym.

NEW ULM — Cathedral High School hosted its first ever home Robotics Tournament on Saturday.

The event drew 32 teams from six schools. About 200 spectators watched them compete in the CHS gym.

The winners were two Mankato East teams who played two Mankato West teams. Along with the tournament champions, a St. Cloud team got the Middle School Excellence Award and one of the Mankato East teams got the High School Excellence Award.

All four CHS teams got into the playoffs of the tournament. All teams won their first elimination match, but lost in the second round (quarterfinals).

The tournament competition involves teams maneuvering their robots in a square playing field, scoring points by collecting rings and maneuvering mobile goals into their own home area.

“The first home VEX robotics tournament for Cathedral High School was an overall success with many teams gathering to compete against each other,” Tim Watts, Cathedral VEX Robotics Coach, said.

” I am happy with how the Cathedral teams competed and this tournament is a great step on growing our program in the future.”

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