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When are you mommas putting your car seats in the car and setting stroller up? 33w tomorrow ��

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i’m 33+2 and we’ve had the car seat in the car for about a week, and stroller for about 2 weeks

I was 33 weeks yesterday and we haven’t bought the car seat yet ��. I told my hubby that I wanna buy it around Memorial Day (hoping for a Memorial Day sale) but we’ll probably wait to put it in the car until we go to the hospital and just bring it with us and the hubs can attach the base in the parking lot before we get discharged. I’m scared to out it too early and if we get in an accident then have to replace it

I am 36 weeks and my husband is putting the car seat in the car this weekend. We set up the stroller today after my dr. appointment. I honestly would of set it up earlier but we just moved and there was no reason to unbox to rebox

We’ve only got 3 spots in the back of our truck and have 2 car seats in there already so will probably be a grab and go situation when in labor and install the base upon leaving the hospital lol mama still needs room to put groceries until then ��

I wouldn’t put in the car seat until the very end. You can practice so you know how and it can be a quick install. If you get into an accident (no matter how minor) the car seat will need to be replaced.

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Exactly this!

My husband is only going to put the base and the carseat in when he picks up baby and me from the hospital. It’s definitely worth it to practice proper installation a handful of times before that, though!

We didn’t do it until 37 weeks when we knew I was likely going to be induced. Even then, I can’t remember if we actually installed the base or just tossed it in with everything else. I know baby had to pass the car seat test so we had to bring it into the hospital before going home.

35 weeks tomorrow – car seat we’ll do tomorrow. Stroller isn’t arriving until 2 days before my due date ��

I will be getting mine in the car by my 36 week appointment. I say this because that’s when my next ultrasound is for monitoring fluid levels.

We put the base for the capsule in last week (I’m 34wk on Tuesday) but the capsule will be grabbed when we head out the door to the hospital. We had to test if it would fit. we already have two car seats in the car lol

35 weeks and have a shower Sunday. If we got our seat protectors then I will go ahead and put the bases in the two cars. Otherwise, I’ll order the protectors and put them in ASAP just in case.

The infant seat I’ll probably snap in the car once labor starts.

I think we did the same for our first around 36 weeks.

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