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Bumper Online Celebrations Saw Data Up 51% This Christmas


This festive season again saw record highs for data usageas Kiwis turned to digital channels via Vodafone’s phoneand internet networks to connect with loved ones in Aotearoaand overseas.

Vodafone customers used 1,777 Terabytes(TB*) of data across Christmas Day and Boxing Day**,compared to 1,178 TB of data across New Zealand duringthe same two days last year, cracking a 51% increaseyear-on-year.

That’s equivalent to Kiwis streamingmore than 1,184,667 hours of video*** in just twodays.

The most popular time to go online – such asstream content, video-call, or check out the latest onlinedeals, was between 8-9pm on both Christmas and Boxing Day,with the peaks seeing 58 TB and 61 TB of data usedrespectively.

Vodafone New Zealand Head of NetworkServices, Sharina Nisha, says teams are working 24/7 to keepKiwis connected this festive season. “With internationaltravel still on hold, we expected a large amount of internettraffic around the holiday season but once again we’ve beenblown away by the sheer volume. It highlights how importantdigital tools are so people can connect with their friendsand whānau remotely.

“We have boosted mobile coverageat busy locations and events by installing temporary cellsites on wheels (COWs) or via upgrading cell sites duringthe past year, so we expect Vodafone customers will be wellcatered for during the festive season.”

A few ofdestinations with increased holiday capacity include Paihia,Omaha and Whangamata, as well as popular festivals such asNorthern Bass in Mangawhai and the Greenstone Summer ConcertTour 2022 in Taupo, Whitianga andQueenstown.

Vodafone’s regional upgrades have been ahuge priority in 2021, with millions of dollars ininvestment resulting in independent testing showing Vodafonenow offers its customers the best mobile network in the Manawatuand Bayof Plenty regions – with more upgrades to come in2022.

*TB: Terabyte. Tera (T or million million) isa 1 with 12 zeros to its right.

**Christmasperiod measured ran from 12am on 25 December to 11pm on 26December.

***Calculation of TB to videos –calculation based on 1080p at 1.5GB perhour.

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