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Brand new virtual reality venue set to launch in Leeds before Christmas

The Park Playground will offer a fully mobile ‘free-roam adventure’ with a variety of worlds to explore through state-of-the-art HTC VIVE Focus 3 VR goggles. It will be opening in Kirkstall Industrial Park on December 15, making Leeds the experience’s first UK location after launches across Europe.

There will be no cables attached and players will simply have VR goggles on and a controller or weapon. The venue will have both co-operative and competitive experiences, including zombie fighting and planet saving. The games aim to offer “an emotive group experience that borders both the digital world and the physical one – giving the unique opportunity to discover virtual reality as it’s never been experienced before”.

The Park Playground VR CEO Peter Vindevogel said: “We are thrilled that our first UK location is in Leeds, it felt like the right place to launch and the place to be. If you combine cool entertainment with a strong VR experience developed by The Park Playground VR, the result is an unforgettable experience. The Park Playground VR is leading the way in the VR sector and we’re just at the beginning of the possibilities.

There will be no cables attached and players will simply have VR goggles on and a controller or weapon in hand.

“We are here to create an exhilarating experience that you won’t forget, with the people you love. It presents something unique, and out of the ordinary that is accessible for everyone. Each stimulating game gives players the opportunity to make their own choices, building a personal experience like no other. Be careful though… each decision will impact the outcome, so don’t make the wrong move.”

The experience was first launched in Belgium in 2018.


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