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Bolton business is allowing staff to work from SPACE

Many companies have let their employees carry on working from home even when restrictions were lifted, giving workers more flexibility and an improved work-life balance.

But one Bolton energy retailer is taking this one step further – by letting their staff work from SPACE.

It may seem a far-fetched idea, but Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos has already revealed plans to create a new “mixed-use business park” orbiting the earth.

Named Orbital Reef, the 32,000 sq ft space station will host up to ten people at a time, circling the planet at an altitude of 310 miles, reportedly by the end of this decade.

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Now Love Energy Savings have been inspired to extend their flexible working policy, which already sees workers set both their own hours and work from any location of their choosing, to include space as a possible workplace.

Phil Foster of Love Energy Savings, Bolton

Phil Foster of Love Energy Savings, Bolton

CEO Phil Foster explains that it doesn’t matter where his staff are working from, the priority is that they get the job done, whether that’s from their kitchen table or a space station.

He said: “The nature of the workplace is changing rapidly.

“At Love Energy Savings we’ve already introduced a policy that lets our staff work from anywhere in the country – and now we’re delighted to extend that into space.

“By giving our colleagues unprecedented flexibility to work from wherever they please – be that Bolton, Bognor Regis or 300 miles up in the stratosphere – we can concentrate on what matters most to our customers – providing them with out-of-this-world savings on their energy bills.”

The Bolton-based firm has already transformed the way it engages with its workforce by replacing most emails with either Instagram or WhatsApp messages, evolving it’s ways of operating in line with the most popular trends.

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