Blockchain App Factory’s Decentralized Travel Pass to make the Travel Smooth, Secure, and Transparent

COVID-19 pandemic has entirely upended the world, and the world leaders are sharing new-normal regulations to make us come out of this crisis. However, these standards have made the process quite challenging, especially for the travel industry. People have to stand in a long queue at airports and wait for hours and hours to complete their immigration process. This complexity made us come with a blockchain-powered COVID-19 test and vaccination tracking application to facilitate travellers a seamless experience.

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A Health Tech Platform to Store all the Medical Records:

Blockchain App Factory has developed a unique blockchain-based application to make the users have an ideal platform to safeguard all their medical records, particularly COVID-19 test and vaccination reports, and access them digitally all over the globe. The platform was developed for one of the prominent organizations in Africa, which operates with a mission to enhance the lives of individuals through top-notch social and financial services with the help of modern technologies.

This application allows the users to upload their test reports and other medical records. Incorporating blockchain technology will make these data stored on a decentralized network that offers robust security, transparency, and traceability. On the other hand, it eradicates the necessity to carry the original reports for the travellers. Currently, it is accredited by 5 Central and East African countries with more than 150,000 users.

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A Decentralized Travel Pass:

Being a digital store for the records, it utilizes QR technology to make the travellers share their documents with embassies, airlines, and other related organizations. The officers can verify the medical certificates and COVID-19 test results without any complications. Also, it greatly reduces contact with other people comparatively. Altogether, the platform gives travellers an upper hand and ultimately makes the process much easier, less time-consuming and more comfortable.

As an industry-leading expert, Blockchain App Factory is proud to play a crucial part in developing such an authenticated platform, which aids travellers with secure health data that is impossible to alter or tamper. It is now considered as Africa CDC Health Pass to cross borders.

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