Bitcoin & Shiba Inu coin recover as NFT for Ethereum & Polygon released

  • 13:01 ET, Jan 12 2022
  • Updated: 13:01 ET, Jan 12 2022

CRYPTO investors saw Bitcoin and Shiba Inu recover some ground on Tuesday as a new “utility NFT” offers domain security for those with Ethereum and Polygon coin in their cryptocurrency wallets.

Bitcoin was up by 1.06% by the end of the day, putting the coin’s value at $42,541 after its massive crash in early 2022.

Over the last seven days, Shiba Inu has also struggled, but a 2.60% increase Tuesday put the coin back at $0.00002750, according to CoinBase.

A new startup, Unstoppable Domains, will offer single sign-on service using NFT domains for Etherum and Polygon.

CoinDesk reports that the “Login with Unstoppable” service will allow users to create a unique username in the form of an NFT, which will work “like Google sign-in, without the snooping and with much more flexibility.”

Unstoppable Domains CEO Matthew Gould told the outlet, “We think NFT domains are a really great place for building digital identity.”

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  • Seven crypto ads banned, part two

    The Advertising Standards Authority is looking to produce new guidance on cryptocurrency.

    Monitoring crypto assets is a “red-alert priority” for the regulatory agency, BBC News reported.

    The news outlet said companies with ads found to have broken the rules were:

    • Coinburp: A Twitter page for the cryptocurrency trading platform
    • eToro (UK): A paid ad for the stocks and cryptocurrency trading platform
    • Payward: A digital poster for Kraken, an online cryptocurrency exchange
    • Exmo Exchange: A YouTube video promoting the cryptocurrency exchange
    • Luno Money: An in-app ad for the cryptocurrency exchange service Luno
    • Coinbase Europe: A paid Facebook ad for the cryptocurrency exchange platform
    • Papa John’s GB: A promotion on the Papa John’s pizza restaurant chain’s website and in a Twitter post
  • UK regulator bans seven crypto ads

    The United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned seven cryptocurrency advertisements following concerns.

    BBC News reported one banned ad included a promotion by a pizza chain while a second involved Facebook ads for a big cryptocurrency exchange.

    All seven ads were “banned for irresponsibly taking advantage of consumers’ inexperience and for failing to illustrate the risk of the investment”, the news organization reported.

  • How to buy land in The Sandbox, continued

    On the land tab, you can select the plot of land you want to buy (green are taken) and hit ‘buy land’ or ‘buy estate’. And that’s it!

    Keep an eye on The Sandbox Twitter, The Sandbox Discord for any announcements pre-sale.

    But otherwise, head to the map website in plenty of time before the sale starts.

    The land will undoubtedly get snapped up fast so plan ahead to figure out what you want to buy.

  • How to buy land in The Sandbox

    You’ll need both SAND and ETH to buy land in The Sandbox; SAND covers the land price while ETH is needed for gas fees.

    That means you need to set up a crypto wallet.

    Crypto wallets with official Sandbox support include MetaMask, Bitski, and Venly.

    As outlined on The Sandbox blog, you’ll need to make sure you’re logged in and have your wallet connected.

  • Sandbox Mega City Land Sale event

    The Mega City Land Sale is taking place this Thursday, January 13 at 1pm UTC, which is 5am PT / 8am ET / 1pm GMT.

    The Sandbox land sales take place on the Map of the Sandbox website.

    Mega City’s land sale is split into lands, premium lands, and estates with the quantity and price of each as follows:

    • 61 Lands at 1,011 SAND each
    • 95 Premiums at 4,683 SAND each
    • 7 Estates to be sold at auction

    Based on the current rates, that’s £3,316.81 / $4,558.34 for each land, and £15,363.61 / $21,114.45 for each premium land.

  • Gamer loses £10,000 spent on virtual land, part three

    “I have no idea how this could have happened without the hacker having my passphrase because I have not shared this information with anyone, I wrote it down on physical paper and hid it,” the Reddit user wrote.

    After some assistance from other users on the /r/cryptocurrency subreddit – the user realized his computer had been infected by malware.

    He said that he believes he downloaded the virus while attempting to get hold of a new pass for The Sandbox.

    The user accidentally went to a website that was a clone of The Sandbox’s homepage – downloading a .exe file that turned out to be the malware.

    The virus saw the hackers get into his account and steal his land.

  • Gamer loses £10,000 spent on virtual land, part two

    The gamer noticed his land contract was transferred out of his online wallet for £0.

    “I never consented to this transfer, I had no intention of selling this land and I was going to hold it for an extended period of time, for over a couple of years at minimum,” the Reddit user wrote.

    “There is no way I would have transferred it to anyone, especially at zero dollars.”

    He went on: “I have followed the trail, and my land has been transferred to 3 other accounts since it was stolen, and now being sold for 40k. [CAD]

    “I have not shared my account details with anyone, I have not synced my wallet with any other software or wallets.

  • Gamer loses £10,000 spent on virtual land

    The frustrated gamer revealed how he spent the funds to purchase the digital asset in The Sandbox mobile game.

    Taking to Reddit, user infiniti711 told how he believes his account was hacked and his precious computer generated land was stolen.

    And tracing the transactions using the unique IDs which are included on every crypto-based trade, he found the crook is now selling it.

    It appears the hacker is flogging the stolen digital land for £23,000.

  • Rich crypto-traders won fortune thanks to poker, continued

    During the game, Mr Zhao began learning about the depths of cryptocurrency, and the pair reportedly urged him to invest 10 per cent of his net worth in Bitcoin – now the biggest of its kind in the world.

    Mr Zhao was convinced, and the following year he “decided to go all-in on crypto by dedicating his life to it,” even selling his Shanghai apartment for Bitcoin before founding the company in 2017.

    Despite early setbacks – including watching the highly volatile Bitcoin plummet and rise – Binance emerged as a world leader within just eight months.

    According to the blog, it “stays in that position up to this day.”

  • Rich crypto-traders won fortune thanks to poker

    Changpeng Zhao, 44, grew Binance into the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume after its launch in 2017.

    According to Bloomberg, the Chinese-Canadian developer – commonly referred to as CZ – acquired his vast wealth “practically overnight” as he began to build his crypto empire.

    The software company’s billionaire index now ranks him at a whopping $96 billion- rivaling the likes of fellow tech moguls Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page.

    According to Binance’s own blog, Mr Zhao’s incredible success all started via a chance meeting round of game of poker with former BTC China CEO Bobby Lee and investor Ron Cao in 2013.

  • What is fantom?

    Fantom is a blockchain platform that was founded by a South Korean computer scientist in 2018.

    The platform has programs, called small contracts, which allow blockchains to run more advanced transactions than just sending cryptocurrency from one person to another.

    Fantom is considered to be a competitor of Ethereum, which also offers small contracts.

  • What does Elon Musk’s Twitter name mean?

    Musk has renamed himself Lord Edge on Twitter. defines an edgelord as “someone on an internet forum who deliberately talks about controversial, offensive, taboo, or nihilistic subjects in order to shock other users in an effort to appear cool, or edgy”.

    Meanwhile, the Urban Dictionary states to be edgy is “taking coolness to its extreme and generally beyond the realm of actual possibility, while at the same time seemingly unaware of how ridiculous it is”.

  • Crypto audio streaming

    Audius is a crypto-powered music streaming platform.

    It’s owned and controlled by token holders – and tokens are called Audio.

    Audio has been listed on CoinMarketCap since October 2020, and has rocketed in value following a deal with Chinese-owned social media giant TikTok.

  • Melania Trump launches NFT platform

    Former First Lady Melania Trump got in on the NFT craze in December.

    She launched a platform for fans to purchase NFTs, including a drawing of her eyes, with a portion of proceeds said to be going to children in foster care.

    Mrs Trump plans on releasing NFTs in intervals on her website titled “Melania’s Vision” with the project backed by the free-speech social network Parler.

  • What is a crypto ‘fan token’?

    Fan tokens are a cryptocurrency that is sweeping the football landscape.

    They’ve been launched or are under consideration by 24 football clubs across the five major European leagues, according to BBC News.

    Some involve real-world perks for the buyer, like a say in which slogans appear on a trophy or what song should be played for a team’s entrance.

    Critics say the benefits are insignificant, and the value of fan tokens rises and falls based on supply and demand.

    Arsenal, Barcelona, Juventus, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester City, and PSG have all jumped on board with the craze.

  • Crypto wealth and luxury goods

    Cryptocurrency wealth is leading to a new generation of luxury consumers in the United States, according to Markets Insider.

    The news organization pointed to a report from investment bank Jeffries, which found young buyers are spending crypto winnings on expensive jewelry, apparel, and accessories.

    The group, comprised of people under 35, is increasingly buying artwork such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), in addition to luxury brands.

    While Chinese consumers are still the major force in luxury spending worldwide, the report said American buyers are set to propel luxury sales beyond pre-pandemic levels.

  • coin price prediction

    The Coin cryptocurrency hit a record high on November 15, reaching $0.52 at its peak, according to CoinMarketCap.

    In comparison, it was sitting at just $0.05966 on January 1 last year.

    The token has increased in value thanks to a number of factors.

    For example, it has secured several high-profile sponsorship deals in 2021 including the UFC, Formula One Racing, and Matt Damon’s

    From December, the Staples Center – home to the Lakers and Clippers – will also be called Arena.

    Whether the Crypto.Com Coin continues to soar in value remains to be seen, but plenty of crypto fans have still made predictions.

    For example, Wallet Investor expects the token to hit a value of $0.538 in one year and $0.8023 in five years.

    Meanwhile, Digital Coin Price has set a 2021 forecast of $0.7036, a 2023 value of $0.9636 and it expects a 2028 price of $2.09.

  • Who founded

    Kris Marszlek has been the Chief Executive of since June 2016 and is based in Hong Kong.

    Bobby Bao is a co-founder and managing director of, which was formerly known as Monaco.

    Gary Or is another co-founder and is the head of technology at Foris – a universal money app, according to

    The other co-founder is Rafael Melo, who, according to Topio Network, has 15 years’ experience in finance.

  • coin, continued itself is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency businesses in the world.

    Keegan Francis, crypto editor and expert of Finder, told The Sun the coin has many uses, but most notably is that it can be used to stake crypto on the mobile app in order to get the Visa debit card.

    He added: “Staking higher amounts of CRO across the platforms rewards users with more features and rewards.

    “Investors need to keep in mind that the token itself is tied directly to the success of the ecosystem.

    “That being said, has taken the initiative to decentralize CRO by building it into their own decentralized blockchain called

    “This is a good step for them to take in order to ensure the longevity of their token.

    “It creates less dependence on the company itself, and begins to build out an independent community of developers, and market participants.”

  • What is coin?

    The Coin is the native token of the and Crypto.Org ecosystems.

    Also known as CRO, it launched at the end of 2018.

    The chain was created to build a network of crypto projects and to develop merchants’ ability to accept crypto as a form of payment, according to its website.

    Businesses can use pay checkout and/or invoice to allow customers to pay for goods and services with crypto using the wallet app.

    The firms then receive their payments in CRO, stable coins or in fiat currency, which is government-issued money like dollars or pounds.

  • Microstrategy spends $414 million on Bitcoin

    The business intelligence company led by Michael Saylor revealed in a November 29 Securities and Exchange Commission filing that it bought 7,002 bitcoins between October 1 and November 29.

    MicroStrategy reportedly spent $414million on the coins.

    The company now has a reported stockpile of 121,044 bitcoin tokens.

  • GYEN price predictions, continued

    Wallet Investor expects the price of GYEN to add another zero and fall to $0.00845 in a year’s time.

    Meanwhile, Digitalcoin expects GYEN to gain to around $0.022 in 2021.

    Furthermore, Goldman Sachs expert Andrew Lokenauth is even more bullish on GYEN.

    “From my prior experience, I feel it will be included on other exchanges due to demand,” he told The Sun.

    “Also, due to current hype and mentions of GYEN on Reddit and Twitter, this can easily reach 10 cents.”

  • Long-term GYEN price predictions

    The price of GYEN has jumped thanks to becoming available to Coinbase pro members.

    Where the price will wind up in the future is tough to predict – and it is yet to be included on other major exchanges like Robinhood.

    Marie Tatibouet, chief marketing officer of crypto exchange, told The Sun that stablecoins aren’t exactly supposed to surge in trading like this.

    “It looks like the demand is so high that the peg has failed to hold,” she said.

    “A good stablecoin shouldn’t surge or fail under scrutiny.”

  • The most valuable cryptocurrencies

    Cryptocurrency prices hit record highs earlier this year amid interest from high profile individuals such as Elon Musk and more institutional investment in the sector.

    The most valuable coins are Bitcoin and Ethereum but there are lots of alternatives or altcoins aiming to benefit from crypto interest.

    Values can be volatile though and regulators have warned that investors could lose all their money.

  • Donating with cryptocurrency

    Churches are starting to see more donations made using cryptocurrency, according to Christianity Today.

    James Lawrence told the news organization that donations made on his platform Engiven using the virtual currency were slow in 2019 and 2020.

    By fall of 2021, the platform had processed cryptocurrency donations for more than 700 nonprofits.

    The list of recipients includes well-known organizations like The Salvation Army and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

    Up to 400 recipients were churches, Lawrence said, as more congregations move to accept the digital currency.

Over the last seven days, Shiba Inu has also struggled, but a 2.60% increase Tuesday put the coin back at $0.00002750, according to CoinBase.


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