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Best Baby Gear of 2023: Top 88 Products

Credit: Abriah Wofford

The Basic Diaper Goods

There is a lot of baby gear in the world. Some products are helpful must-haves, and others are nice-to-have items that could make life easier or more fun. This collection is the necessities of infant diapering care because no matter what kind of parent you plan to be or what gear you hope to buy, every baby will need the best diaper goods.

Disposable Diaper

The best disposable diapers include green and traditional options. From biodegradable choices to super absorbers, there is likely a diaper that can meet your needs, even if you only need disposable options for travel or daycare.

Best Overall Disposable Diaper

Seventh Generation Sensitive Protection

Best for Leak Protection


Cloth Diapers

Top-ranked cloth diapers are reusable options that require regular cleaning but could save you money in the long run. Many new styles of cloth options are easy to use and clean with disposal liners and other features.

Best Overall Cloth Diaper

Rumparooz Pocket

Budget-Friendly Hybrid System

Flip with Stay Dry Insert

Cloth Baby Wipes

Some parents use cloth baby wipes to produce less waste. Not all cloth wipes are created equal, and choosing the right one can help you avoid messy mistakes.

Best Cloth Baby Wipe

GroVia Wipes

Disposable Baby Wipes

The best baby wipes are disposable and convenient, allowing you to avoid carrying around soiled items in your diaper bag. We’ve tested various options, including those with the fewest chemicals and additives we could find.

Best Overall Baby Wipe

Water Wipes

Diaper Cream

Most babies need diaper cream at some point during diaper-hood. Whether it is a slight irritation or serious fire tushie, diaper cream can help create a moisture barrier and help skin heal.

Best Overall Diaper Cream

Weleda Calendula Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper Bag

A great diaper bag can pull together all your supplies for adventures away from home. Keeping a diaper bag well-stocked and well-organized means always being prepared. Think of it as a bug-out bag for your baby’s bottom.

Best Overall Diaper Bag

Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back

Favorite Versatile Bag

Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F.

Potty Chair

Once your little one is ready to ditch the diapers, you’ll want a great potty chair to start potty training. A suitable chair can encourage and help little ones on their journey to great toilet training.

Best Overall Potty Chair

OXO Tot Potty Chair

“>baby gear

Credit: Abriah Wofford


How and what you feed your baby is a personal choice. No matter which path you follow (because, honestly, sometimes you don’t get to choose), you’ll need some baby gear to help you get there.

Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow might feel superfluous, but trust us, it can help facilitate the best latch for great nursing and save your back from unnecessary stress. Check out our favorite nursing pillows to elevate your nursing experience.

Best 100% Organic Pillow

Blessed Nest Organic Nesting

Breast Pumps

Breast pumps are important for working moms, moms who need a break, and those who head out on errands. Whether you want to increase your milk supply by placing more demand on your production or just want to engage dad with feedings, a top-ranked breast pump is a must-have for every mom.

Best Overall Electric Pump

Spectra S1 Plus

Breast Pump Bag

If you plan to travel with your pump for work or fun, one of the best breast pump bags can help you transport everything you need from A to B in style. Our lineup includes stylish and functional bags, not like a carry-all for your pump parts, and some are large enough for other personal supplies, like a laptop or wallet, replacing your need for a second bag or purse.

Best Overall Breast Pump Bag

Ju-Ju-Be Be Supplied

Nursing Bra

Whether you choose to nurse or pump, selecting one of the best nursing bras can help. It offers support and some privacy for your milk-producing parts when your little one feeds or while you use your breast pump.

Best Overall Nursing Bra

Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

Nursing Top

The best nursing tops can be stylish and useful clothing for nursing little ones without raising your entire shirt and giving a show you may not want to give. With hidden pockets and openings, good nursing tops offer privacy and a simple way to feed little ones without much fuss or muss.

Best Overall Nursing Top

BLANQI Everyday Pull-Down Support Tank

Nursing Pads

Some milk producers struggle with unplanned leaking between feedings or pumping. It’s common and not a sign of trouble, but it could be embarrassing or apparent if it happens away from home. The best nursing pads can help absorb leaking liquid and prevent it from reaching and staining your shirt.

Best Overall Nursing Pad

Curve By Cache Coeur

Nipple Cream

Even if breastfeeding goes off without a hitch and your little one has a stellar latch, you might experience sensitive or cracked nipples. If your nipples are uncomfortable or seem damaged, nipple cream can help with pain and further issues by offering relief and protection. Check out our favorite nipple creams.

Best Heavy Duty Hydration on a Budget

Lansinoh Lanolin

“>baby gear

Credit: 123rf

Bottle Feeding

Whether you go the breastmilk or formula route, you will likely need the tools of the trade for bottle feeding, which includes a little more gear to make things easier.

Baby Bottles

Keeping bottles on hand is an excellent way for others to help bottle feed your baby with one of the best baby bottles, for times at daycare, and more.

Best Overall Baby Bottle


Best Glass Baby Bottle

NUK Simply Natural Glass

Burp Cloth

Depending on your feeding style and your baby’s habits, you might need a burp cloth to help clean up spit-up after feeding. Bottle feeding can create more need for burp cloths.

Favorite Overall Burp Cloth

Burt’s Bees Baby Burp Cloth

Bottle Warmers

If you plan to stockpile your breastmilk or use premade formula, you’ll likely need to warm your baby’s food at some point. Check out our favorite bottle warmers that swiftly and easily warms baby bottle contents, making surprise nighttime feedings easier.

Best Overall Bottle Warmer

Tommee Tippee 3-in-1 Advanced

Bottle Brush

Cleaning bottles is nearly impossible without a special bottle brush. Given the size and shape of baby bottles, your hand is not going to fit inside. A handy top-ranked baby bottle brush is the key to getting bottles clean and ready for use.

Best Overall Bottle Brush

OXO Tot Brush

Bottle Drying Racks

While maybe not a necessity, a top-ranking baby bottle drying rack creates a space for bottle and pumping supplies to dry in a clean and safe environment away from potential contaminants.

Best Overall Drying Rack

OXO Tot Bottle Rack

“>baby gear

Credit: Abriah Wofford

Consuming More

If your little one is growing, you are getting ready for upright eating with mushy foods and spoon-filled messes. You’ll need lots of new gear to keep things clean and prep.

Baby Food Maker

Preparing baby food for your child allows you to know and control what’s inside and the freshness of ingredients. Plus, you can make a surplus of food to freeze for future meals. We suggest selecting one of our favorite baby food makers to get the job done.

Best Overall Baby Food Maker

NutriBullet Blender

Budget-Friendly Puree

Sage Spoonfuls Puree and Blend

Baby Food Storage Containers

Whether you prepare homemade baby food or want to store leftover food for another meal, the best baby food storage systems can help. Be prepared for when hunger strikes by keeping them in the fridge or freezer, or pack them in a top-ranked lunchbox for kids with an ice pack for mealtimes away from home.

Best Overall Baby Food Storage

OXO Tot Glass Baby Blocks with Silicone Sleeves

Snack Catcher

As your little one grows, they will want to feed themselves. Using one of the best snack catchers can be a great on-the-go solution for busy toddlers who wish to self-feed.

Best Overall Snack Catcher

Munchkin Snack+

Baby and Toddler Plates

With the introduction of mushy and solid foods comes a need for the best baby plates for feeding little ones.

Best Overall Dinnerware Set

Kiddobloom Dinnerware Set

Baby Spoon

Little mouths need little spoons that are easy to hold and maneuver both for parents and babies as they grow in their hand-eye coordination and self-feeding skills.

Best Overall Spoon

BEABA First Stage Baby Spoon Set

Baby Bibs

As babies learn to eat real foods, messes can and will happen. Baby bibs can help keep clothes clean and make clean-up after meals and snacks easier. Some bibs absorb liquids while others deflect and catch food; we’ve tested various bibs, so you don’t have to.

Best Overall Bib

KiddyStar Toddler Bib

Sippy Cups

Little ones love to grow and learn, and mimicking older kids and adults is common. Using a cup from our best sippy cup review is a mess-free way to practice sipping from a cup, just like the grown-ups do.

Best Overall Sippy Cup

Pura Kiki Vacuum Insulated Toddler with Sleeve

High Chairs and Booster Seats

Having a designated sitting spot where eating is the focus and messes are somewhat contained are great reasons to invest in a top-ranked high chair, the best portable high chair, or our favorite table booster seat.

Best Overall Rolling Chair

Peg Perego Siesta

Best Wood Chair

Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair

Best Overall Portable High Chair

Inglesina Fast Table

Overall Best Table Booster Seat

Prince Lionheart SQUISH

“>baby gear - a nice, tight swaddle can help comfort baby and keep them warm...

A nice, tight swaddle can help comfort baby and keep them warm through the night.

Credit: Abriah Wofford

Keeping Calm

Even the calmest baby will have moments of fussiness or discontent. Whether your little one has colic or is simply overtired, it can be helpful to have soothing baby gear on hand to supply them with the tools to relax and self-soothe.


If you’re looking for a self-soother that studies indicate can help prevent SIDs, look no further than a simple pacifier. We suggest trying a few types to see what works best for your baby before buying a bunch to stash in your diaper bag and around your home. Check out the best baby pacifier review for recommendations.

Overall Best Pacifier

Chicco PhysioForma Soft Pacifier

Swaddle and Sleep Sack

Swaddling can help infants sleep better and avoid the disruption of the startle reflex. If swaddling feels daunting or your little one is a Houdini, then consider one of the best baby swaddles.

Best Sleepsack

Woolino 4 Season Ultimate


A baby bassinet is a great way to keep your baby nearby at night or in the same room as you. Studies show that room-sharing in early babyhood can help prevent SIDs and make it easier for nighttime feeding. Some of our favorite bassinets keep your little one bedside, and many are also great stand-alone options.

Best Overall Bassinet

Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper

Travel Crib

An excellent travel crib can keep your baby on their sleep schedule and ensure your travels go off without a hitch when it comes to a sleeping baby. Finding a lightweight and easy to set up travel crib is the key.

Best Overall Travel Crib

BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light

Cool Side Open Crib

Lotus Travel Crib

Sound Machine

One of our favorite sound machines can help create a calming environment for sleep and relaxation. They also help mask the sounds of unfamiliar places that could prevent your little one from falling asleep. These handy and small devices can make the difference between peaceful rest and fitful sleep disruptions.

Favorite Portable Option

VTech Myla The Monkey

Budget Friendly Simple Machine

MyBaby Soundspa On-The-Go

Night Light

Even if your little one is happy to sleep in total darkness, a night light lets you see what is happening in a darkened room, making nighttime changes and feedings easier. We’ve tested several and can help you determine the best kids’ night light.

Best Overall Night Light

Hatch Baby Rest Night Light

Best Budget-Friendly Night Light

LumiPets Bear

“>baby gear - keeping your baby clean can be daunting but with practice and...

Keeping your baby clean can be daunting but with practice and patience you and baby will have it down in no time.

Credit: Warongdech Thaiwatcharamas ©

Getting Clean

Your newborn’s first bath can be a daunting task, but with the right bath gear, you’ll both be enjoying bath time in no time. We’ve collected our favorite bathtime products to help you on your journey.

Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo is typically a more sensitive, baby-friendly shampoo with fewer chemicals than adult shampoo. It can often also be used as a body wash, making bath time easier with little fussing about products.

Best Overall Baby Shampoo

Babo Botanicals Sensitive Baby Shampoo & Wash

Baby Oil

Many babies thrive on a routine, and often a before-bed, after-bath massage is just the ticket to creating a calm and sleepy baby who is ready to drift off into slumber town. Our review of the best baby oils includes high-quality, low-fragrance options to help you in this effort.

Overall Best Baby Oil

Earth Mama Calendula Baby Oil

Baby Washcloth

A baby washcloth is soft and absorbent, and it can help you gently clean your baby’s delicate skin, such as their face, feet, hands, armpits, and those adorable skin folds. We suggest selecting one of the best baby washcloths for your baby’s bathtime.

Best Baby Washcloth

Bamboo Organics Viscone Washcloth

Best Dual Textured CLoth

Burt’s Bees Organic Washcloth

Baby Towel

You can use a regular bath towel for your baby, but often an infant can get lost in a big towel, or it can be less soft on new skin. We prefer baby-specific towels for baby bathtime.

Overall Best Baby Towel

KeaBabies Bamboo Baby Towel

Infant Bath Tub

When you bring your newborn home, you’ll notice immediately that an infant-specific bathtub is the easiest and often the safest way to bathe a small baby. With the proper support and assistance, bathing your baby is easier with an infant tub.

Best Overall Baby Bathtub

Boon Naked

Runner-Up Best Bathtub

Primo EuroBath

“>baby gear

Credit: Wassana Sakulrattanapornchai ©

Health and Care

Your new little creation will require certain baby gear to keep them happy and healthy. Baby care goes beyond changing diapers and cleaning bottles. You’ll need some other supplies to help create a kit for health and care essentials for happy, healthy living.


Your baby is likely to catch a cold or something else as they venture out into the world and away from the bubble of their home. A thermometer is a staple in every home should have so you can monitor your baby’s symptoms and relay useful information to your pediatrician.

Best Overall Thermometer

Braun ThermoScan

Baby Scales

Not all homes will need a baby scale, but if your little one was born early or has a medical condition related to weight gain and thriving, a baby scale can be critical in keeping track of your little one’s progress.

Best Overall Baby Scale

Unicherry Scale


Humidifiers can provide some relief to swollen and clogged nasal passages for little ones. Keeping an easy-to-use top-ranking baby humidifier in your cabinet can be a game-changer for middle-of-the-night discomfort.

Best Overall Humidifier

Levoit LV600HH

Baby Lotion

Baby skin is sensitive and needs a little help to keep it healthy and smooth. The best baby lotions have few additives and are fragrance-free; after all, babies smell great all on their own.

Best Overall Baby Lotion

Babyganics Daily Lotion

Nail Clippers

Babies don’t have the best coordination, and a baby’s sharp tiny fingernails can accidentally scratch their face. Many parents are intimidated by clipping tiny nails, but the process is easier with the best baby nail clippers.

Best Nail Clipper

The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper

Baby Toothbrush

Even before your baby’s first teeth pop through their gums and teething starts in earnest, you should practice oral care by brushing their gums. Finding a soft and gentle but effective brush is key.

Overall Best Baby Toothbrush

Dr. Brown’s Giraffe Infant to Toddler Toothbrush

Detergent for Babies

Most experts agree that using a baby-specific detergent is a good idea. Most of our award winners include fewer ingredients that are more gentle on a baby’s skin than traditional detergents.

Best Overall Detergent

Babyganics Liquid Baby Detergent

“>baby gear

Credit: Abriah Wofford


Your little one will swiftly increase their desire for stimulation and sensory input as they age. There are several products to help keep them entertained and encourage skill-building.

Baby Bouncer

A baby bouncer offers a safe location to park your baby and keep them entertained for short periods of time. While not a babysitter or a safe sleeping space, a favorite baby bouncer can be indispensable for soothing little ones or getting a short break to pee.

Most Overall Bouncer

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Bouncer

Baby Swing

Most little ones love the practice and feeling of swinging. Somewhat mimicking the feeling in the womb, many parents find the best baby swing to be a great place for little ones to relax and prepare for sleep in their crib or to be entertained while a meal is prepared.

Best Overall Baby Swing

Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swing

Baby Gym

Tummy time is essential to your baby’s development, especially for a great head shape. With plagiocephaly (misshapen heads) on the rise, your little one should have ample time to explore the world with supervision while on their tummy. Consider one of the best baby gyms to provide a fun and entertaining space for baby’s tummy time and to practice hand-eye coordination.

Best Overall Baby Gym

Lovevery Play Gym


There are a bunch of different baby jumper styles, from doorway hangers to stand-alone units with attached toys. We’ve tested them all and find them super helpful for little ones with head, neck, and trunk control to entertain themselves.

Best Overall Jumper

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Baby Walker

We recommend the best baby walker for little ones to push, not those they sit in. With fewer safety concerns, pushing walkers can help encourage little ones to walk more and build their skills in a fun way.

Best Overall Walker

HABA Walker Wagon

“>baby gear - finding the right crib for your nursery, your needs, and your wallet...

Finding the right crib for your nursery, your needs, and your wallet doesn’t have to be challenging with the great options evaluated in this review.

Credit: Abriah Wofford

Nursery Picks

Most new parents have a vision of their nursery, either in how it looks or how it functions. While decorations are adorable, the necessities of outfitting a functional nursery with the right baby gear should be job one. Finding great decor can come later.

Diaper Pails

Babies and dirty diapers go hand in hand, so you’ll need somewhere to put them. Whether you choose cloth or disposable diapers, a top-ranked diaper pail can help cut down on the stink. We consider this product a nursery must-have or wherever your diaper changing station is.

Best Overall Diaper Pail

Munchkin Step

Best Inexpensive Pail

Creative Baby Tidy

Sound Monitor

A top-ranking sound monitor is all many parents need to keep tabs on their baby’s nursery happenings. If you want to hear crying, but aren’t worried about spying, then the sound monitor is just what you want.

Best Overall Sound Baby Monitor

VTech DM221

Video Monitor

Seeing your little one in their crib or nursery provides additional monitoring some parents desire. While not a necessity, we get the appeal of spying on your baby and all the cute things they do. Luckily, there are dedicated and WiFi monitors best video baby monitors in every budget to keep you watching non-stop.

Best WiFi Baby Monitor

Nanit Pro

Best Baby-Specific Features

iBaby M8 2K Smart Baby Monitor

Crib Mattress

Your baby will spend a large chunk of time sleeping, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Choosing a healthy and safe best crib mattress is job one for a safe sleep environment.

Best Overall Crib Mattress

Naturepedic Organic Cotton Classic 150 Seamless 2-Stage


If you have a crib mattress, you’ll want the best baby crib to put it in. Given the changes in safety standards, you’ll want to find a crib that works with your chosen mattress and style that meets safety standards.

Best Overall Crib

Storkcraft Equinox 3-in-1

“>baby gear

Credit: Olga Listopad ©

Keeping Safe

Your baby might seem like just a non-moving blob right now, but before you know it, they will be on the move and out for exploration and adventure. With dangers behind every cabinet and beyond every doorway, you’ll want some supplies to help keep them safe and healthy.

Baby Gate

Baby gates can be instrumental in keeping little ones out of unsafe or unsupervised areas of your home. Finding a strong and stylish baby gate that is easy to use is simple if you follow our suggestions.

Best Overall Baby Gate

Evenflo Barn Door Walk-thru Baby Gate

Cabinet Locks

Cabinet locks can prevent unwanted exploration of cabinets with dangerous items or clutter behind their doors. Your little one will start investigating everything in their world as soon as they start crawling, so cabinet locks can literally be a life-saver.

Best Overall Cabinet Locks

Vmaisi Magnetic Locks

Edge Guards

As your little one stands and cruises, it is amazing how often they also fall. Edge guards offer a buffer between their heads and eyes and sharp corners and edges that could cause injuries. While they can be bothersome and unsightly, you’ll be glad you bothered if your toddler tumbles eye-first into the edge of the coffee table.

Best Overall Edge Guard

Roving Cove Baby Proofing Edge Corner Protector

Babyproofing Kit

Babyproofing kits often include a little of everything you need, like cabinet locks, edge guards, and locks for toilets and stoves. One might be all you need, but most homes will need additional babyproofing kits or products to create a safe exploration area.

Best Overall Kit

Inaya Child Proofing Kit

“>baby gear

Credit: Abriah Wofford

Getting Around

No matter what your lifestyle or plans entail, you’ll need some kind of baby gear to get your little one from one place to another. Whether that is from the bedroom to the kitchen in a carrier or running errands hands-free, we’ve got award winners for you.

Baby Carrier

A top-ranked baby carrier lets you carry your little one hands-free so you can keep them close, increase bonding, and get things done with your baby on board. Some parents use a carrier instead of a stroller (hey, money savings!), and others find it decreases the occurrence of crying and emotional upsets.

Best Overall Baby Carrier

Nalakai Ring Sling

Best Traditional Carrier

BabyBjorn One

Baby Backpack Carrier

As your little one grows or your adventures get longer or more challenging, you might want to invest in a top-ranked baby backpack carrier. The stiff frame and added features for baby and parent comfort can be a game-changer in spending time with your little one on board.

Best Overall Baby Backpack

Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite

Bike Trailers

Not everyone needs a top-ranked bike trailer for kids, but if you love the outdoors and adventures involving bikes, skiing, jogging, and more, then you will probably want to give it some consideration.

Best Overall Bike Trailer for Kids

Burley D’Lite

Best Bang for the Buck

Burley Bee

“>baby gear - installation of the aton 2 using the vehicle belt and base uses a...

Installation of the Aton 2 using the vehicle belt and base uses a lock off on the base and is the second easiest method of installation for the Aton.

Credit: Abriah Wofford

Car Safety

If your little one is ever going to be in a car, they need one of the best car seats. We’ve purchased the seats and had them professionally crash-tested to give you all the information to find a great car seat that fits your budget and meets your goals.

Infant Car Seats

The best infant car seats are our go-to for safely transporting little ones in moving vehicles. We like that they are designed specifically with little bodies in mind instead of trying to meet the needs of babies from birth to 2-3 years old when so much growth and change occurs.

Best Overall Infant Car Seat

Chicco KeyFit 35

Best Crash Test Analysis Seat

Cybex Aton 2

Convertible Car Seats

Convertible car seats are best when your baby outgrows their infant seat around 9 months old (see your manual). They are called convertible because they sit backward at first and convert forwards after a certain age or size is reached by your child.

Best Crash Test Result

Graco Extend2Fit

“>baby gear

Credit: Abriah Wofford

Rolling Along

Moving around town and getting out and about with your little one is significantly easier with a transportation device. If you want something with wheels, we’ve got what you need. From jogging strollers to the best strollers for running errands, we’ve tested them all and recommend our favorite award winners here.

Full-Size Stroller

Full-size strollers are the everyday choice that you are probably familiar with. While useful, they aren’t 100% necessary, depending on your lifestyle or goals. A jogger or a lightweight stroller might be a better fit, so looking at all the award winners could help you find the best fit for your needs.

Best Overall Full-Size Stroller

Thule Urban Glide 2

Best Quick Fold

Thule Spring

Umbrella Strollers

Umbrella strollers are so much more than the flimsy folding products you might remember from your youth. Depending on y our needs, some lightweight options are the superior choice that can get the stroller job done without the weight and expense of a bigger stroller.

Best Overall Umbrella Stroller

BabyZen Yoyo2

Best Budget-friendly Umbrella

Zoe Traveler

Double Strollers

If you have twins or a growing family, a double stroller might be just the ticket to an easier life. We’ve tested the best double strollers for everyday errands, some good for jogging, and more.

The Ultimate Side-by-Side

Thule Urban Glide 2 Double

Best Inline Double

UPPAbaby Vista v2 Double

“>baby gear

Credit: 123rf

More Information

Choosing baby gear and stocking up on the best gear for your new little one isn’t as simple as creating a registry and crossing your fingers. We’ve bought and tested each item in our list against the top competitors in their category. This means you can rest assured that every recommendation performed better than the competition, earning its spot in our list of best baby gear of the year. While this list incorporates what we think you must have or could make life with your baby easier, it might have missed the product types you were hoping to find. No worries! Whether you want a baby rocker, toothpaste for little ones, or something else, we’ve tested those too!

The best disposable diapers include green and traditional options. From biodegradable choices to super absorbers, there is likely a diaper that can meet your needs, even if you only need disposable options for travel or daycare.


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