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Are there examples of a successful person doing both?

Cover picture for the articleQ: During 2020, due to COVID-19 my husband and I began home schooling our son. He is just now getting into competition and the coach says that he is too meek and will probably not make the team. While we do not want him to be timid, neither do we want…



Emotional doctor tears up explaining how American anti-vaxxers and Christian faith groups are manipulating VERY vulnerable groups in Australia and convincing them NOT to get jabbed because ‘God will save them’

American anti-vaxxers and Christian faith groups have been manipulating vulnerable Australians and convincing them not to get the Covid vaccine, said a top doctor during an emotional televised press conference. Northern Territory Chief Health Officer Dr Hugh Heggie addressed the state at Wednesday’s media conference urging residents to get vaccinated…

Most people do not marry the person they love

When the friends at the wedding met each other on a blind date, she didn’t have much interest in the first place. She felt that the other party was a bit older and had a too dull personality, and was not suitable for her, not what she wanted.


Why do Christians contend that Jesus is the only way to truth?

Q: Why do Christians contend that Jesus is the only way to truth? There are so many religions in the world with historical figureheads. My conclusion is to remain neutral on choosing one over the other. – R.S. A: When it comes to God’s truth, there is no such thing…

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A new book on faith from popular author who died in 2019

NEW YORK (AP) — Christian author Rachel Held Evans left behind a legion of loyal readers when she died in May 2019, at the age of 37. Last June, a children’s book she’d been working on was published posthumously and soon topped the picture-book bestseller lists. Next week, her final…



Pastoral Perspective: The Christian relationship with Halloween

There are all kinds of well-founded opinions on the Christian relationship with Halloween. My view may be different than your view. And if that’s the case, you can give into the cultural pressures to cast off anyone and everyone who thinks even mildly different than you, or you can continue reading. We may still disagree at the end and that’s OK. I’d still like to be your friend.


Are angels real or are they only a figment of imagination?

Q: Are angels real or are they only a figment of imagination? – A.S. A: In the late 1800s, a German composer and his sister wrote a musical version of the fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel.” Early in the opera, Hansel and Gretel become lost one night in a dangerous forest. Before they finally fall asleep, they sing their evening prayers, and 14 angels come to surround them and keep them safe throughout the night.


Is there any absolute truth in the Bible?

We have been taught in school and in society to not be arguing over politics and religion. We have been brainwashed by the school system not to discuss these two items in which we might unite together in a common faith. They say don’t be arguing over controversial things. The very opposite is true.

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Jesus wanted us to be generous with our treasures: Are you?

“Beware, and be on your guard against every form of greed, for not even when one has an abundance does his life consist of his possessions.” — Luke 12:15. Years ago I learned a valuable lesson from a very successful minister. Each year he would take a month to preach on stewardship. When another preacher challenged him and said if he didn’t stop preaching on money his church building would soon be empty, Brother Bob wrote back, “Last month when I preached on stewardship we had over 40 new members added to the church. How many did you have?” There was no reply. When I followed Brother Bob’s example over 40 years ago the church never had a financial problem.



Powerful Bible Verses When You Feel Like Giving Up

In Lamentations, it said that we need to hold onto hope when things are bleak: “I will remember them, and my soul downcast within me. Yet, this I call to mind and therefore I have hope (3:20-21).” When you tell someone this, you are confident in the message that it represents. Many times we can offer Bible verses for others, but can’t glean introspection from them ourselves. This is especially true when you are having the fight of your life. We fight for our marriage, fight for justice and fight to remain faithful. With all these battles–we become drained to the core, walking around like spiritual zombies instead of spiritual giants. Use these Bible verses when you feel like giving up.

I no longer speak to my parents, and I am better off

I haven’t spoken to either my mother or my father since December of 2018. Family is important and valuable to most people. Family is incredibly important to me as well. I have two young children, a partner, and a very close set of friends.


How can we determine if a pastor is preaching from the Bible?

Q: How can we determine if a pastor is preaching from the Bible and not from another source that may sound good but is not God’s Word? – D.P. A: Through Bible study and prayer, we are given discernment to tell the difference between what is of God and what is not. God’s people are instructed to test the various doctrines that abound, and test them against the standard of the Word of God. This should drive us to daily Bible reading.



The Fatherhood of God

“For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.” (Acts 17:28) “The fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man,” was a religious cliché promoted for many years, especially by religious liberals in the period between the two world wars. However, continuing hostilities between and inside most nations now make the idea of universal brotherhood in this present world almost farcical.

For Biden, a meeting with Pope Francis is both personal and political

ROME — As Joe Biden prepared to assume the presidency, a close friend offered to send him Pope Francis’ new book for inspiration. The president-elect politely declined, saying he’d already received it — a signed copy sent by the pontiff himself. For just the second time in U.S. history, a…


THE WORD: Following Christ means counting the cost and paying the price

In Luke 14, Christ teaches several lessons to his followers, which included the famous reference to “counting the cost” of following Christ. Jesus compares following him to building a tower. He rhetorically asks whether one would make sure he had enough resources to complete a tower before beginning construction. Here Jesus is asking whether his would-be disciples have the wherewithal to be a disciple lest they try and fail.


Theology is for Preaching: A Book Review

Is theology important for preaching? If you read many preaching books, you may be tempted to answer “no,” since most focus on methodology. They tend to provide clear instructions for studying a text and preparing a sermon, but few address the theology of preaching. Those that do address theological issues related to preaching only do so incidentally. Given these facts, one might reasonably conclude theology is not important for preaching. Yet this would be a mistake. As Chase Kuhn and Paul Grimmond argue in their new book, Theology Is for Preaching, “preaching and theology are mutually informed” (xx). Theology undergirds the task of preaching, and preaching communicates sound doctrine (theology). Preaching is unavoidably theological!


Sabbath: For What Nations Is There so Great?

The first three chapters of Deuteronomy were basically a history lesson, reminding the people of what they had been through up to that point. By the time we get to chapter four, the history lesson shifts more into a sermonic mode. The recounting of events wasn’t just for history buffs; instead, it served a purpose, showing them the power and grace of God working among the people, and that even though they messed up, the Lord was still going to honor His covenant with them.

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DUNCAN/God’s law vs. human tradition: Part IV

Please turn with me in your Bible to Matthew 5:33-37 as we continue our study of the Lord’s Sermon on the Mount. In this passage, Christ is applying the law specifically in the hearts of the people. Jesus’ words here hit close to home to every single one of us because here He is calling His disciples to tongue righteousness. He is calling on us to have godly speech. As such, we see two important things in these verses. First, we see how Jesus addresses false vows. Secondly, we observe how Jesus rebukes false vows.


Miracles Can Happen

The Bible is filled with examples of the marvelous things Jesus did for people. Through faith, they were able to achieve great things. Recognize that the same thing can happen to you. Jesus is the same restorer of courage, the same transformer of people’s souls.

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Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Last week in our discussion of baptism we visited the idea of “rebaptism,” and how some churches require those baptized as infants to be baptized again as adults. This week, we’ll continue by looking at a different kind of “second” baptism. In Acts 19, Paul encounters a group of believers…

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