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Are Homeschoolers Smarter?

Are homeschoolers smarter?

Are homeschoolers smarter than their peers? Or are they less smart because they don’t go to school?School Education vs. Intelligence

Some of the smartest, brightest, most talented, capable, coolest, creative, worldly, and interesting people I’ve ever met don’t have walls decorated with degrees. Some didn’t go to school, period.

Don’t confuse ‘school’ education with intelligence.

Inspirational Homeschoolers QuoteIntelligence is Internal

Intelligence is different than book smarts.

Or school smarts.

It’s internal. People can be extremely intelligent without ever having formal school–or without doing well in school. It’s worth noting, that there are people who have high emotional intelligence, which some argue is more important than IQ scores.

Some argue that intelligence is something you’re born with. Smartness or knowledge can be taught or achieved, but it is different than intelligence.

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