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Apple’s Autonomous Car

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According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, Waymo’s testing of self-driving vehicles last year showed a ‘disengagement’ (i.e malfunction) every 11,000 miles. Apple is targeting 2025 for launching an autonomous car, reports Bloomberg News, but this looks unlikely. However Apple’s self-driving car fleet had one every 145 miles,…


Apple Moves Forward With EV Project, Targets 2025 Release

The long-rumored Apple Car will seemingly become a reality, with recent reports indicating the tech-giant is working hard on its development and hoping for a 2025 release date. The firm is focusing on making the Apple Car fully autonomous according to several sources, aiming to better the likes of GM and Tesla who are currently the class leaders when it comes to self-driving tech.

This Apple car concept looks way better than Tesla’s Cybertruck

Fasten your seatbelts, Apple fans, here’s a potential first look at the rumoured Apple car. We know the vehicle has been speculated about for a while, but we seriously didn’t expect it to look this good. A fan has created a 3D render of the rumoured Apple car based on…

Pre-Owned Cars Are In Demand — And Trade-In Cash Offers Are At ‘Highest Ever’

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Good news for car buyers who want to trade in their vehicle for cash: There’s a shortage of pre-owned cars, and dealerships are buying.The pandemic and supply chain impacts from it are still at-work on the auto industry. Car companies can’t make new vehicles fast enough to meet the demand because of a global semiconductor shortage — among others. Production has slowed and can’t meet the demand that started during the pandemic.Enter: pre-owned or certified pre-owned cars.Sacramento dealership, Niello Volkswagen, has a line of pre-owned cars in front: Jeep, Mercedes, Audi, and Porsche models sit alongside the…


Tesla (TSLA) sends ultimatum to buyers who keep delaying deliveries

Tesla has started to send an ultimatum to buyers who keep delaying their deliveries as part of a new policy change in the evolving market. Sources familiar with the matter told Electrek that Tesla has decided to send an ultimatum to buyers who have been delaying their deliveries for long periods of time.

No one knows what the hell’s going on with the Apple Car

The Apple Car does not exist. Or wait — yes it does? Some sources familiar with the inner workings of Apple’s extended auto-making experiments say the project is basically dead of its own accord. Others working closely on the Apple Car team have divulged that the project is alive and well, thank you very much.

Apple’s electric car could debut as soon as 2025 – Bloomberg News

(Reuters) – Apple Inc is pushing to launch its electric car as early as 2025 and refocusing the project around full self-driving capabilities, Bloomberg News reported on Thursday, citing people familiar with the matter. The iPhone maker’s shares rose nearly 3% to hit a new record following the report. Apple’s…

Apple’s electric car could come as early as 2025, Bloomberg reports

The story of Apple and its ambition to develop its own electric cars is never going away. Early this year, Hyundai said it was in early talks with Apple to develop self-driving electric vehicles and batteries, according to a report from local media in South Korea. After many years of speculations, it now appears that Apple’s electric car may come sooner than most people expect.


Cupertino Focuses On Fully Autonomous Vehicle With Apple Car Project: Report

The on-off Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) Car talks have resurfaced yet again, and this time around, more concrete details concerning Cupertino’s self-driving car project have emerged. What Happened: Apple is looking to speed up its car project and will focus on full self-driving capabilities, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with…

Apple Fully Autonomous Electric Car on Way, AAPL Stock Up 2.85% Yesterday

Yesterday, APPL stock closed 2.85% up. At the time of writing, Apple shares were slightly down. There have been a lot of rumors on Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) developing its electric vehicle with the latest claiming that it will be fully autonomous. The long-rumored Apple electric vehicle is reportedly coming as early as 2025, indicating that Apple now has a road map for its autonomous vehicle. Formerly, reports revealed that Apple will begin to produce its own cars by 2024.


Apple adds more drivers to its autonomous car fleet; number of cars remains at 69

After cutting its California self-driving test fleet to 54 in May, Apple has been consistently expanding the number of drivers as months go by. Now, the company has 137 drivers. As spotted by macReports with numbers from the California DMV, Apple is slowly going closer to the number of drivers it had last October: 154.

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Some company built a virtual Apple Car out of the tech giant’s patents

The cloud of mystery surrounding the Apple Car is unlikely to dissolve anytime soon, and the only thing we can do for now is piece together clues from here and there. An interesting attempt has been made by UK car leasing company Vanarama, using genuine patents filed by Apple to create a virtual rendering of the iCar.

Digital Trends

Check out this Apple Car rendering based on the company’s patents

Rumors of an Apple Car continue to circulate, such is the apparent appeal of Apple making the jump from smartphones, tablets, and computers to electric cars. While Apple doesn’t appear to be anywhere near close to launching its own car, Vanarama, a car-lease broker based in the U.K., has created an Apple Car rendering to add to the pile of speculation.

Lyft and Uber Could Be Hit by Switch to EVs

Before Uber (NYSE: UBER) and then Lyft (NASDAQ: LYFT) came onto the scene, traditional taxi cabs reigned supreme on the roads. However, the ride-hailing apps quickly edged out taxi cabs as they allowed for speed and flexibility that taxis just couldn’t match. As long as you had the Uber or Lyft app, you could order a ride and have it there within just a couple of minutes.

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Apple accelerates Project Titan, aiming for fully autonomous vehicle

Apple is accelerating development of its electric car, code-named “Project Titan,” and is aiming to achieve fully autonomous capabilities, Bloomberg News reports, citing “people familiar with the matter.”. Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:. For the past several years, Apple’s car team had explored two simultaneous paths: creating a model with…

Apple Car: Nobody’s at the wheel?

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that Apple’s focusing on a fully autonomous car for release as early as 2025:. Apple’s ideal car would have no steering wheel and pedals, and its interior would be designed around hands-off driving…. Though the company is pushing to not have a standard steering wheel, Apple has discussed equipping the car with an emergency takeover mode.


Apple Reportedly Accelerating Car Development, Wants Model To Be Fully Autonomous

The Apple Car is the unicorn of the automotive industry as it’s often talked about, but never seen. That trend continues as Bloomberg is reporting the tech giant wants to speed up development of the vehicle and has refocused the project around its “full self-driving capabilities.”. The publication goes onto…


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