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Lionel’s newsletter: “America Will Find Its Way Yet Again”

Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]Date: Saturday, 11-Sep-2021 03:23:30


America Will Find Its Way Yet Again

�Nothing is more wonderful than the art of being free, but nothing is harder to learn how to use than freedom.� ― Alexis de Tocqueville

I know what day tomorrow is. Believe me. But we most soldier on and try to make some form of sense out of what�s happening today. As in now. Microblogging is a great way to snapshot itemize moments of reflection in no particular order. I call it my Twitter feed. [EDITOR�S NOTE: Drinking game. Take a shot every time you read moonbat.]

Let us commence.

  • The irony of ironies is that 20 years ago especially in downtown Manhattan facemasks should have been absolutely mandatory. In fact your EPA guaranteed first responders and Ground Zero workers that the coast was clear. My, how reality has reversed.
  • The difference between 9/11 and Covidmania is the former inspired collective purpose, cooperation and a real sense of national pride. We recognized the interrelationship enjoyed. We were in it to win. Everyone. Without exception. Today, not even close. At each other�s throats.
  • I understand the motivation by so many people who demand that we resist that which we believe to be governmental overreach and violation(s). You hear it constantly. Resist. Fight back. Now, here�s the question. How? How do you suggest that we accomplish this? Take your time.
  • I have been talking about vaccine mandates forever and was repeatedly called a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist. Well, let me correct the record. It�s aluminum foil.
  • I entered the name Peter Cetera into the dictation mode and it spat out Peterson terror. Discuss.
  • The left and right, Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and radical lunatic leftie moonbat crazies. Social media tell you these are the combatants. This is good versus evil. Wrong. The enemy is the shadow government and this is tertius gaudens in action. Focus.
  • This is disinformation. Sleight of hand. Obfuscation. Barack Obama was a mere subordinate, myrmidon and dimbox of the shadow government. He merely followed orders and was the handmaiden of our captors and overlords. If you�re not going to speak the truth, why bother?
  • If you take any form of delight in the destruction of the Democratic Party and if you are religious pray to whomever that AOC and her band of Bernie rad/lefties gain increasing position thus causing a fracture and schism in the party, pitting heritage Demons against rad loons.
  • The official sport of the shadow government shock troops is the double standard. It has enlisted its sockpuppet media to selectively report on what it�s told to highlight and emphasize. It knows exactly what it�s doing and actually takes delight in your continued frustration.
  • Now let me get this straight. Epstein was the victim of a homicide while in federal protective custody. And to this day, 762 days later, the official statement of the DOJ and American government is that he committed suicide. Not an investigation. Not a peep. Nothing. To this day. And I bring up Epstein as an example of how a shadow government controls the levers of justice. It controls everything. And yet on social media you hear people passionately declaim Biden�s autocracy, demanding resistance. Demanding a fight. Against whom? Keep this in mind � It does not listen to you. It does not care about you. It does what it wants. Because the shadow government knows that eventually you get tired and bored and move on to the next subject. It does whatever it wants. It acts independent of everything. Get it through your head.
  • 311 days ago America held what is referred to as an election. Joe Biden was declared the winner and anyone who disagreed with that would be banished to cosmic Siberia, never to be seen or heard from again. Now, what has the GOP done to address alleged irregularities? Nothing.
  • America today. Divided. Turning on each other. By design.
  • While California burns to the ground Fox News debates the role of regulation as opposed to global warming as a causative factor. Again, while California burns to the ground.
  • The point is not that UFOs are real. The fact is that extraterrestrial biological entities continue to visit our planet regularly via intelligently-controlled craft utilizing technology mankind has yet to even dream of.
  • I believe the last time she wrote anything was during the Mesozoic Era yet she�s considered a writer. Fine. Nonetheless I hereby state unequivocally that I quite admire Fran Lebowitz, who, along with Keith Richards, is a living refutation of the cigarettes as poison myth.
  • Rule 75. The faster you contradict yourself the more you will confuse the peasantry. Contradiction and reversal are not to be construed as signs of intellectual capitulation or insincerity. They lay the groundwork for instability and destabilization.
  • Godwin on steroids. Ladies and gentlemen, I know you mean well, I really do. I know you�re sincere when you try to explicate your dissatisfaction with mandatory vaccination rules. But this has no comparison to Nazism, Hitler or any derivatives thereunder. Please. Cool it.
  • All over the country major cities are racing to see who can be the most comprehensive and across-the-board in terms of mandatory vaccination requirements, logic and reason notwithstanding.
  • Pay note to how fast a story and critical issue disappear from discussion. Remember when all we could talk about was same-sex bathrooms? Poof! Gone. Remember how we were captivated by the evidence of UFOs? Poof! Gone. Jeffrey Epstein? Ghislaine Maxwell? Hunter Biden? Poof! Gone.
  • �Al-Qaeda struck us on 9/11. The only reason they could is because the Taliban allowed them to use Afghanistan as a refuge.� This is the lie, the trope, the mythology that is being perpetuated relentlessly. This has become an article of faith. It doesn�t even approximate reality.
  • Critical to what makes up a Covid-19 case is how you determine search. What methodology is used. PCR, hospitalization, anecdotal references and/or deaths. There are many ways to categorize anything. I�m sure you know that.
  • If there was a television show that highlighted false stories of famous people including how they made their money or what they did to become famous, it would never end. The amount of blatant fraud and mythology that comprise Hollyweird you simply could never comprehend.
  • Spend some time listening carefully to what experts tell you and then ask yourself a very simple question: What have you learned? More often than not it�s a recitation of the usual and a regurgitation of the expected. And that�s exactly what you want. The predictable.
  • There is no need for a 9/11 of the 20-year vintage to destroy our culture and society and infrastructure. That was child�s play compared to what can be done so easily with all the necessary technology already in place.
  • A favorite American pastime is to publicly display how some event has affected them deeply through public histrionics and lugubrious mawkish hyper-sentimentality but they�ve no interest in having a deep and abiding understanding of what it is that allegedly moves them so.
  • The debility of the American spirit can be explained by and through years of ineffective critical thinking instruction in schools, encouraged incuriosity and a reluctance on the part of our society to advance deep thinking and deep-dive analysis. We simply hate thinking.
  • Because critical thinking and long-term study have given way to immediate fact and meme recitation the ability of Americans to adequately address complex issues has all about disappeared.
  • Irony? �n August 2020, China’s biggest and longest-running LGBTQ festival, Shanghai Pride, was canceled due to mounting pressure from local authorities. When Pride Month 2021 arrived, few events were held, and those that were remained largely underground.�
  • And this sad note. �Even though China decriminalized homosexuality in 1997 and removed it from an official list of psychiatric disorders in 2001, discrimination persists in employment, health care and other areas.� Remember, when China takes over this will be a problem.
  • The New Hollywood. And its owner. �With its predominantly East Asian cast, story inspired by Chinese folklore, and martial arts action sequences, Shang-Chi is the latest sign that Hollywood is starting to listen to calls for more Asian representation on screen.� Any questions?
  • The Israeli study found that natural immunity is 27 times more effective than vaccines in preventing symptomatic infections. I ask hopefully, when will the Biden administration recognize such? I know why they don�t. And I know why Fauci and CDC ignore it.
  • I defy you to find one example of a putative Biden supporter gushingly extolling his virtues and complimenting him on anything he has said, done or accomplished heretofore.
  • I have absolutely no problem with statues or sculptures being removed when citizens find them offensive. So long as you show the same courtesy for the removal of any and all George Floyd statues or sculptures if townsfolk find such equally as offensive. Deal?
  • If there were a law that prevented anyone from advocating the removal of any historic sculpture or statue in the United States unless they were able to provide a rudimentary explanation of the reason why, no statute would be removed. Why? Because these moonbats know nothing.
  • If you want to destroy a culture, you don�t need bombs or weapons. Let me go after your language. Let me kill you with euphemisms and expressions and PC strictures. I�ll destroy your ability to speak and convey the truth. Let me frighten you into silence.
  • Do you know anyone who proudly proclaims that they�ve made it to Tuesday? Or they�re thrilled it�s Friday. Or they thank God it�s the weekend. There is no way to describe how devoid of life these people must be if that�s what they�re happy about.
  • If you are of the belief that there exists today in the tangible corporeal sense an entity known as Satan you need to come back inside.
  • How do you know anything you hear about the Taliban is even true? Or any of the other iterations of terrorist inhumanity. Without you realizing it you have become a mouthpiece and loudspeaker for the MIC Pentagon echo chamber. Think for yourself. Research. Pay attention.
  • I will never understand why a news organization actually thinks it�s a good idea to publicize that they have no opinion or bias. It must be something they�re told to do by network panjandrums. And the translation of that is boring. Pabulum. Vanilla anodyne saccharine nothing.
  • The basic format of news shows has not changed in 70 years. I don�t care how it�s packaged today, it�s the same thing. Almost unconsciously similar. Atavistic. Today�s news sockpuppets are avatars of Dave Garroway and John Cameron Swayze. And they have no idea why.
  • A recurring feature of moonbat sockpuppets on major media and heritage TV news platform programming is that they honestly believe in their heart of hearts that you find them glamorous and gorgeous and exciting and interesting and that you secretly want to be them. Seriously.
  • Pity the American media warrior wannabe, the deracinated uprooted and cosmically disentangled centurion vying desperately for a Fox gig or a big money platform spot.
  • Explain to me again why I am to be in favor of multiple foreign relocations to the United States.
  • When you listen to the armchair warrior experts wax submental about Afghanistan you realize from the first syllable that they absolutely have no idea what they�re talking about but are great at repeating rote patellar reflex memorized schmaltz.
  • Rome fell. Rome collapsed. And despite countless treatises and explanations of how it happened the United States is following suit to the letter.
  • Have you ever met anyone who thinks that Robert E. Lee was a �loser�? That the CSA was comprised of traitors? If you have or you ever do, don�t bother explaining reality to them. Just encourage them.
  • The United States government and military in particular will never ever publicly proclaim or admit that they were outplayed outsmarted and/or bamboozled by an enemy they consider to be morally and culturally inferior to them. It never fails.
  • I will never be able to understand how any good parent can think it�s a good idea or a safe idea or an admirable idea to post pictures of their beloved children on their first day of school. On social media. For the world and every demented predator to see.
  • Most people can never keep a secret. And the reason is simple. They don�t understand the benefit of being anonymous and away from the contamination of the unwanted and unnecessary.
  • Are you still making brilliant observations about vax safety and viral transmissibility vis-�-vis surgical obedience face diapers? Well, stop. It�s all been said. You�re just rehashing the obvious.
  • Imagine being of the mindset in thinking that Kamala Harris campaigning on behalf of Gavin Newsom would actually benefit Gavin Newsom and not turn everybody off and away. Better yet, imagine living in a parallel universe where that was true.
  • In keeping with the theme of selective expurgation of racist history I hereby move that any and all references to Margaret Sanger be ablated and bowdlerized from everything and anything that pays tribute to this rabid racist and eugenicist up to and including Planned Parenthood.
  • In keeping with the post hoc expurgation of anything slavery, the advancement of slavery or the rejection of manumission I hereby demand that Mr. Miranda disgorge himself from all profits to the �musical� Hamilton, as Alexander Hamilton was an avowed slave owner and advocate.
  • Removal of Confederate statues is not a victory for BLM. Quite the contrary. What it is is the galvanization of people who never would have cared about the subject matter one whit had it not been for this precipitous and unnecessary sellout overreaction.
  • Here�s some good news. I think we�re finally done talking about Joe Rogan and his dalliances with Ivermectin. There is hope.
  • In America we love to be offended. It makes us come alive. We like taking something which is for all practical purposes anodyne innocuous and benign and twist it and contort it into an interpretation that allows us to be upset and angry. We are the happiest when we are angry.
  • Fauci will never resign and he will certainly never be relieved of duty. Fauci is their prince. He represents everything to them. From the Harvey Fierstein Brooklyn gravel to the breathtaking inconsistencies and 180s, Tony is their boy.
  • If you think Pops Biden is gone wait until you get a look at Bob Mueller. Bobby�s gone total Elvis. Gone. Not even an asterisk. Thank you for your service and have a nice day.
  • No one asked me but I would strongly suggest if I were on the Biden advance team that Joey stay away from anything involving kids, looking at his watch or ice cream cones. As for screaming citizens who loathe him and despise his soul, that�s what you get.
  • Let�s once and for all lose the word that we always referred to when talking about shadow government sockpuppet media children and benighted moonbats: journalist. There is no such thing today on MSM platforms. I want to go back to days of reporters. And presenters.
  • The most profoundly stupid YouTube feature is the �reaction� to a song that the listener supposedly has never heard. Usually it�s an African-American listening to something that was considered a classic mainstay by a white guy or group within the theme. The bit is overdone and worn out.
  • Just once I would love to see someone who, after getting fired after 30+ years of service to a corporation, clearly identifies the fact that s/he was the victim of betrayal in a heartless corporatocracy instead of talking about looking forward to a �new journey,� whatever the hell that�s supposed to mean. It comes down to this. You are nothing. Your worth and experience and contribution to society mean nothing. You can be terminated and replaced in a heartbeat and no one will miss you. Remember, graveyards are filled with indispensable men, as the story goes.

Till it be morrow.



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