Self-Driving Cars

A Former Uber Executive Takes a Fresh Approach to Self-Driving Vehicles

Waabi founder Raquel Urtasun wants to solve the puzzle of autonomous trucks without driving millions of miles in real-world tests

After working on autonomous-vehicle technology for a decade, Raquel Urtasun founded Waabi to start with a clean slate.

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The self-driving car company Waabi has taken a new, AI-first approach, leveraging deep learning to create software that is capable of complex reasoning. Waabi’s CEO, Raquel Urtasun shares how the company plans to tackle autonomous trucking.

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Raquel Urtasun left her position as head of research and development and chief scientist at Uber Technologies Inc.’s self-driving unit earlier this year. Within three months, she had raised $83.5 million in seed funding—one of the largest first funding rounds by a Canadian startup—and launched Waabi, a Toronto-based autonomous-vehicle startup that is building self-driving systems for long-haul trucks.


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