‘5G Innovations to Create Newer Opportunities’


“The presence of more players in the 5G spectrum market creates a kind of level-playing field“

Recently, Sunil Mittal-driven Bharti Airtel indicated that it would deploy an open RAN-based network for the commercial launch of next generation services provided by technology proponents such as Mavenir.

L&T Technology Services (LTTS) has identified 5G as one of its six big bets under CEO & MD Amit Chadha. The company has a dedicated 5G Lab in Bengaluru and Mysuru, as well as in Dallas (United States) for use cases in medical equipment and manufacturing solutions. The company is witnessing “a good set of opportunities” in the 5G field, Chadha told ET’s Priyanka Sangani in an email interview. Edited excerpts: How important are captive 5G networks for tech companies? The presence of more players in the 5G spectrum market creates a kind of level-playing field. From a research and development standpoint, this gives an opportunity for newer innovations and experimentation. Global technology companies operating out of India with a presence in the 5G space, in terms of infrastructure or services, will probably benefit from this move. Such 5G networks can also be deployed in areas like industrial mesh networks, robotics and the process industry, leading to higher efficiencies and throughputs. What kind of opportunities do these present for LTTS? We have been building up our 5G capabilities with test beds and new labs. LTTS has also been selected as an engineering partner by Mavenir and Nvidia, to accelerate adoption of the industry’s first converged AI-on-5G. So, clearly, we are seeing a good set of opportunities in the 5G field, with our marquee customers and partners in North America and Europe taking advantage of the scope and integrating various network components. This space will also see more implementation of AI solutions as the 5G network gets deployed. What is its revenue potential? Overall, the demand pipeline is building up quite well in telecom and we are winning deals from global organizations. Hence, proactively incubating cutting-edge technology is working to our benefit. From a vertical perspective, I believe innovation in the 5G space will lead to newer business opportunities, beyond the projects that technology services companies are currently undertaking

Source: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/epaper/delhicapital/2022/may/01/techtonic/5g-innovations-to-create-newer-opportunities/articleshow/91224728.cms

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