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50 Best Nail Art Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2023

1. NAILS Magazine

NAILS Magazine California, US
NAILS Magazine, an award-winning publication with over 30 years’ industry experience, serves professional nail technicians and salon owners, bringing them together with the marketers who make the products they want and need. NAILS is committed to providing the best magazine for nail professionals covering the the professional nail care industry, featuring nail art, technique demos, business and marketing guides, salon décor, product reviews, and healthy working tips.
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2. ehmkay nails

ehmkay nails New York City, New York, US
A blog on themed nail art, nail polish, swatches and reviews and all things beauty.
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3. Cosmetic Proof

Cosmetic Proof Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Cosmetic Proof is a Vancouver beauty blogger, nail artist, skincare and makeup fiend with a love for science, nail art and super cool skincare. Also cats.
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4. The Meticulous Manicurist Blog

The Meticulous Manicurist Blog Here in my blog I will post about various content including how to fix ingrown toenails at home or how to help a loved one with their thick nails and more. The Meticulous Manicurist Nail Tutorials provides support, education, growth, and collaboration of nail technicians and nail lovers all over the world using nail tutorials.
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5. Nails Mailed Blog

Nails Mailed Blog We are experts in all things nail wraps, gel nail strips and shellac nail polish! We also have wonderful tips on nail care and nail trends. Nails Mailed offers professional quality nail polish wraps, gel nail polish and cuticle oils for the savvy shopper!
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6. The Nailest Blog

The Nailest Blog Stay up to date on the latest fashion nail trends on our blog. We share everything nail related from beauty tips, nail care, tutorials, and much more! The Nailest was founded with a simple goal in mind: to be a one-stop-shop nail store. We offer both handmade luxury nails, and quick & easy machine-made nails, but no matter the type you choose, The Nailest products are exclusively made from high-quality materials and designed to last.
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7. Posh Lifestyle & Beauty Blog » Nails

Posh Lifestyle & Beauty Blog » Nails San Diego, California, US
Check out the Posh Lifestyle & Beauty Blog for nail art inspirations, nail art hacks, best nail product recommendations and much more. The Posh Lifestyle & Beauty Blog is managed by Carla Snuggs, a lifestyle blogger, social media specialist, brand ambassador, food enthusiast.
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8. Grape Fizz Nails Blog

Grape Fizz Nails Blog Agassiz, British Columbia, Canada
A nail art and nail polish blog by Anne on Grape Fizz Nail.
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9. The Nail Tech Org Blog

The Nail Tech Org Blog The Nail Tech Org Blog brings you the latest news, blogs and insights from the world of nail art and beauty. The Nail Tech org. was established in 2020 by Amy Guy, who following 8 years experience in the nail industry felt there was a huge opportunity to pull together and inspire nail technicians worldwide, through a community based, supportive online platform.
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10. NailKnowledge Blog

NailKnowledge Blog The NailKnowledge Blog provides essential information for Nail Technicians and debunks nail myths as well as informs about correct techniques. NailKnowledge is on a mission to revolutionise the standard of education within the Nail Industry – to support Nail Technicians throughout their careers and ensure the safest possible practice.
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11. Right on the Nail

Right on the Nail Right on the Nail is your resource for polish swatches and nail related products. Right on the Nail is managed by Audrey, your everyday nail blogger/nib doctor working for Franklin-Christoph.
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12. Hermit Werds

Hermit Werds US
Hi! I’m Lisa. You’re probably here for the nail art. I’ve loved nail polish for a long time, but it’s only in the past few years that I started really getting into it. I posted my first real nail art online on July 27, 2014 and started this blog on June 23, 2016. Prior to that I was hauling around about 30 bottles of polish and just painting each nail a different color or kind of dabbing multiple colors on one nail. I had no idea what I was doing. I still don’t some days, but I have a lot more.
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13. Sugar Me Beauty Blog

Sugar Me Beauty Blog US
Your #1 nail art blog for the best nail trends, nail product reviews & nail art ideas. Discover the current nail designs & nail trends. Learn how to keep your nails healthy! And keep up to date about new nail art products and how to use them. Everything nail art!
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14. Beautiful Fashion Nail Art

Beautiful Fashion Nail Art Decatur, Georgia, US is all that your fancy nails need. May it be tips on how to take care of your nails, the latest trendy nail art designs or even how to do a French manicure step-by-step, we feature the best tips and designs from all around the World! We also try to gather all the necessary information for you to achieve that nail salon perfection!
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15. The Trendy Nail

The Trendy Nail Hartford, Connecticut, US
Trendy Nail focuses on everything related to nails including upcoming product launches, nail care, tips & tricks and ‘How To’ Tutorials.
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16. Katie Barnes Tool Range & Education Blog » Nail

Katie Barnes Tool Range & Education Blog » Nail Katie Barnes Tool Range is the professional choice for nail tools. Our products are designed and engineered by Katie Barnes, one of the world’s leading nail professionals. We are a brand that specialises in providing the perfect structure and core, fundamental skills to help you become a successful nail professional.
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17. Maniology Blog

Maniology Blog Get inspired by our trendy, artistic and fashionable nail art designs and learn how to recreate some of our nail art at home with the help of the Maniology blog. Here at Maniology, we’re all about creating work that makes us proud! Our mission is empowering self expression, one manicure at a time.
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18. Lacquered Lawyer

Lacquered Lawyer Lacquered Lawyer is a beauty blog about nail art. It features tutorials ranging from beginner to more advanced nail art creations, utilizing various techniques, freehand painting, stamping, foil, tape, and 3D art (crystals, studs, fimo canes, etc.).
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19. Revel Nail Blog

Revel Nail Blog Find out everything new and exciting with Revel Nail Dip Powder. Here, we post a new Color of the Week blog every Monday, along with sales details on new colors, and promotions. Our Color of the Week blog is a new dip powder shade that is on sale for the whole week. Check back once a week to see what’s new with the Dip Powder Revelution.
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20. Noae Nails

Noae Nails I’m Anouk, a 29-year old nail polish lover living in the Netherlands. The main subject of this blog is nail polish and nail related things. I mainly share my manicures that I’m wearing or some nail art that I’ve done. I’ve always loved nail polish, but I really started collecting them back in 2014, when I discovered nail polish blogs. Now, I have more than 600 bottles of nail polish and I’m always on the hunt for more.
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21. Nicole Loves Nails

Nicole Loves Nails Hello and welcome to my nail polish blog! My name is Nicole and I love all things nail related and collect nail polish. Yes, that’s really a thing! I post swatches, nail art, and some other things on occasion.
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22. Nailchemy Blog

Nailchemy Blog Somerset, Tasmania, Australia
Nailchemy is a nail art and design brand that aims to bring a sprinkling of magic and wonder to the nail industry. Nailchemy is a family-owned and operated professional nail product brand founded in September 2017. Based in the beautiful UK county of Somerset, we offer a variety of high-quality nail products with a magical theme and unmatched customer service.
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23. GLAM Nails Blog

GLAM Nails Blog Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Know which nail you should wear and how to style it for any occasion. GLAM is the leading online website for all types of Nail Products. Brand GLAM was founded on 28th April 2013 by R Nail Lounge. We realized that love for nails is beyond any limits, so we decided to introduce professional range of nail products according to current nail trends to the consumers as well as Salon Professionals.
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24. Nail Magic Blog

Nail Magic Blog Nail Magic Blog provides solutions for various nail related issues and helps people get their nails looking and feeling healthy. Nail Magic was developed in 1960 by a professional manicurist, Mrs. Martha Peterson. Martha was interested in providing a product which would correct the nail problems she was encountering with her clients. After six decades, Nail Magic is still selling the original Hardener & Conditioner all over the world for one simple reason, it works!
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25. Dreamy Little Nails Blog

Dreamy Little Nails Blog Come along on a dreamy and whimsical nail art journey with Angel and discover nail products and nail art ideas that will leave your nails looking beautiful. Dreamy Little Nails is Angel’s latest endeavour and one that she have come to love so much. She is a CPA (accountant) and works with numbers full-time so this has been her creative outlet, especially during the pandemic.
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26. TPN Nail Supply Blog

TPN Nail Supply Blog Hi there! I’m Anne Goldsmith, the founder of TPN Nail Supply Academy and Distribution. I am an Akzéntz Certified Educator and I manage TPN Nail Supply Salon with my daughter, Beka Chaulk. We work together to provide our clients with the best service by helping them feel beautiful and confident everyday. Visit our blog to see more of what we do and find out how you can get the nails you want.
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27. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
EasyNailArt is the perfect place for beginners to learn nail art. Full of video tutorials, nail design inspiration, and helpful tips.
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28. The Nailasaurus

The Nailasaurus Bristol, England, UK
The Nailasaurus is a Nail Art Blog by Sammy where you can find easy tricks of nail art and more
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29. Nailpro

Nailpro Los Angeles, California, US
At Nailpro, we provide nail professionals and salon owners with business advice, trends, techniques. Our goal is to bring the latest trends and innovations in the nail industry to professionals to help them grow and expand their business. We support nail technicians – both employees and independent – as well as nail salon owners, students, educators, and manufacturers.
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30. So Nailicious

So Nailicious Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Nail designs, nail art tutorials, trends and inspiration. Fabulous nails daily! The best nail art, HOW TOs, expert tips and more.
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31. Fantasy art and tree chatter of Aquariann

Fantasy art and tree chatter of Aquariann Milton, Florida, US
A blog on nail art, nail wrap tutorials, nail stickers and more.
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32. The Little Canvas

The Little Canvas A blog by Alaina about cute nail polish designs, nail polish and nail art on The Little Canvas.
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33. More Nail Polish

More Nail Polish Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
More Nail Polish is all about new nail art techniques, patterns, designs and much more.
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34. 25 Sweetpeas

25 Sweetpeas US
Nails, nail art, innovative designs, beauty, & more.
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35. Maniqure Nail Salon Blog

Maniqure Nail Salon Blog Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Ma
Maniqure nail salon blog monthly about nail design, trend, products, events and everything nail related news. Best manicure blog in Malaysia.
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36. JeeA Lee’s Nail Art

JeeA Lee's Nail Art California, US
JeeA Lee’s Nail Art features nail art, nail designs, freehand nails art and more.
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37. Nailbees Blog

Nailbees Blog Australia
Mini Nail Blog is dedicated to making nail designing as fun as possible.Nail Art, Nail Designing, Nail Art tools, Everything Nails – Bee Inspired!!
Also in Australia Art Blogs
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38. Nail Polish Society

Nail Polish Society US
Nail Polish Society Authored by Emiline Harris. A blog uniting all polish lovers celebrating the right to bear polish. We embrace all nail polish, nail art, like an alluring lacquer extending from cuticle to carefully sculpted tip and everywhere in between.
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39. Furious Filer

Furious Filer UK
Hi everyone and thanks for peeking at my blog! I’m a twenty-something girl who recently discovered nail art and got instantly addicted! Although I love it I have to say I’m not the most calm person on the planet so tricky designs and techniques do get on my nerves, hence the name Furious Filer. However, good news! Apparently nail art helps you became calmer….well, I’ll keep you posted but I’m not getting my hopes up!
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40. NailArt and Things

NailArt and Things Nail Art and things blog is by Kejal about Nail Art, Nail Polish, Nail Art Designs and more.
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41. Not Your Average Nails

Not Your Average Nails Canada
N.Y.A.N. is a blog by Becca, an amateur nail artist who shares freehand designs, tutorial on Nail art.
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42. Buff & Polish Beauty Blog

Buff & Polish Beauty Blog US
Buff & Polish blog include posts on nail art, beauty, regular nail polish & gels, reviews, swatches, humour & quirk, informative artilcles, how-to’s and tutorial, nail art tools & accessories.
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43. Glitterfingersss Blog

Glitterfingersss Blog Hungary
Glitterfingersss by Lexa is blog about nail art and swatches.
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44. Tammy Taylor Blog

Tammy Taylor Blog Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
At TAMMY TAYLOR NAILS we ensure top-class nails, service, and treat you like the queen you are. If you exit our salon you will certainly feel like one as well. TAMMY TAYLOR NAILS has over 40 nail salons in South Africa and growing at a fast tempo as our brand is the most wanted nail product in South Africa.
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45. Fictionail Blog

Fictionail Blog Suffolk, England, UK
I’m Mantha, 23 from Suffolk, England. I’ve been doing nail art for about 6 years now and am completely obsessed with it. So I decided to make this blog to share my passion with you all! I use my nails to let the creative side of my personality run wild!
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46. Vicariously Me Blog » Nails

Vicariously Me Blog » Nails Tampa, Florida, US
A blog about beauty, fashion, nails with nail designs, care tips and tricks and so much more!
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47. Zoey’s Reviews

Zoey's Reviews Get fresh info and great reviews about nail products, nail care, health, and beauty.
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48. Nail Art My Passion

Nail Art My Passion Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
This blog includes Nail Art Designs, Tutorials, Nail Polish Swatches & Reviews
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49. Uma’s Nail Art

Uma's Nail Art Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
A blog on nail art using different objects like paint brush, toothpicks, needles, etc by Uma Mathur.
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50. Sophie’s Nail Art Dreamland

Sophie's Nail Art Dreamland A blog Authored by Sophie & Laula which contains everything about nails, nail art, and occasional nail art designs.
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3. Cosmetic Proof


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