3D Aim Trainer raises €1m investment after reaching 200,000 gamers in the UK

Shooter training program 3D Aim Trainer (3DAT) has closed a seed fund round raising €1m, and revealed its UK user data to Esports News UK.

The free software – for PC, Android and iOS – allows gamers to practice and improve their aim in a variety of training levels like Tile Frenzy (pictured above).

3D Aim Trainer supports major competitive titles like Valorant, CSGO, Rainbow 6, Apex Legends and Overwatch, as well as third-person shooters such as Fortnite.

“Over the last year alone we have acquired 200,000 users from the UK and were available in more than 200 countries,” Rasha Hamdan, marketing manager at 3D Aim Trainer, told Esports News UK.

“The UK and Germany have a tie in terms of numbers of users from Europe, and we aim to expand our reach to more users in the UK.”

Overall, 3DAT has a user base of nearly 700,000 monthly active players, up from 125,000 in just over a year, with 6m users total. Engagement per player has tripled.

Additionally, they have grown the team from the original three founders to 17 FTEs, with more to come in the next few months.

The investment will be used to expand the team, bring the product to other platforms and make aim training fun.

“3D Aim Trainer’s mission is to inspire gamers to go next level. We are blessed with an incredible audience of hardcore gamers who are dedicated to improving their aim.”

Miquel Matthys, 3D Aim Trainer

The 3D Aim Trainer team says the new investment is ‘a doorway to amazing expansion plans’ for the platform and its products dedicated to esports and FPS gamers.

The new investment round was led by Freshmen fund, which also participated in the initial angel round of 3D Aim Trainer back in July 2019.

Next to Freshmen, the company was able to bring some new investors on board, including Ron Doornink, the former CEO/president of Activision and ex-chairman of Turtle Beach, and Jean-Bernard Moens, who’s currently first VP of gaming and business at King.

3D Aim Trainer CEO Miquel Matthys said: “3D Aim Trainer’s mission is to inspire gamers to go next level. We are blessed with an incredible audience of hardcore gamers who are dedicated to improving their aim.

“But we want to support all gamers around the globe, regardless of their skill level, to get better at what they love doing. For certain users, this means more expert training exercises, challenging targets and deeper insights into their performance. For others, this means more guidance, a step-by-step approach, and realistic goal setting, to keep motivation high and make aim training rewarding.”

3D Aim Trainer was founded in July 2019 and hopes to become the reference for shooter players and esports players across the world.

3d aim trainer founders3D Aim Trainer’s founders (left to right): Robin Haegeman, Bernd Matthys and Miquel Matthys

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