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15 five-star Amazon products with over 10,000 reviews you never knew you needed

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To the untrained eye, Amazon can be a pretty overwhelming place to shop. With the online marketplace’s rating system, best-seller lists and bevy of reviews, you can easily narrow down your options—to a certain extent, of course.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the best Amazon products out there that have earned 5-star ratings along with over 10,000 reviews. We’ve catalogued everything from fashion to home goods to beauty and more

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1. Renpho Eye Massager

Stars: 4.4

Ratings: 18,000

Our staff swears by the Renpho Eye Massager, which can help provide migraine and tension relief. Amazon shoppers are equally impressed with this find, giving it a solid 4.4-star rating after nearly 20,000 reviews. It’s nearly half off right now, so act quickly if you’re intrigued.

$70 at Amazon

2. Winix 5500 Air Purifier

Stars: 4.7

Ratings: 24,000

The Winix 5500 Air Purifier is the best one our testing labs have ever used, and over the past several years, we’ve seen this model fly off the shelves. It’s down to just $145 right now, which is one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen. It’s perfect for those looking to improve their air quality at home, especially if they live in climates prone to wildfires or poor air quality.

$145 at Amazon

3. The Comfy

Stars: 4.8

Ratings: 94,000

Ever saw a big blanket and thought, “man I wish this was a hoodie!” Well, someone did, and now you can buy the highly rated Comfy for just under $50. Reviewers say it’s comfy, made from high-quality materials and good enough to steal from your significant other.

$43 at Amazon

4. Apple AirPods

Stars: 4.8

Ratings: 562,000

If you are an owner of any Apple products and have still caved in to buying a set of airpods, let the 561,000-plus reviews on Amazon convince you to get right on it. The 2nd generation Apple Airpods purport to take your listening experience to the next level thanks to the inclusion of the H1 Chip that is supposed to deliver “high quality sound.” It also boasts a battery life of 24-plus hours with the charging case and “up to five hours of listening time on one charge.”

$100 at Amazon

5. Olaplex shampoo

Stars: 4.7

Ratings: 68,000

Olaplex is one of those beauty brands with a cult-like following—and for good reason. The brand’s shampoo is regarded as some of the best on the market. Reviewers describe it as game-changing, especially for people with specific hair-related needs (like color maintenance or strengthening).

$90 at Amazon

6. Dazzle Stick

Stars: 4.6

Ratings: 48,000

The Dazzle Stick may be the most powerful thing you can buy on Amazon under $10. I purchased mine in 2021 and it’s still as incredible as the day I purchased it. This small cleaning tool keeps your jewelry shiny and streak-free, whether you’re polishing diamonds, silver or gold. And for just $8, it’s hard to resist adding it to your cart.

$8 at Amazon

7. Cloud Slippers

Stars: 4.4

Ratings: 30,000

Are they slippers? Are they house shoes? They’re a little bit of both—and they’ve got the blessing of nearly 30,000 Amazon shoppers. These $20 shoes come in 17 styles and slip on easily, making them perfect for running to the mailbox or letting the dog out for a quick walk. They’re also durable, so you don’t have to worry about them falling apart while you’re trying to go about your business.

$20 at Amazon

8. Pet Fusion Cat Lounger

Stars: 4.8

Ratings: 11,000

The Pet Fusion Cat Lounger is the best thing I’ve ever purchased for my cats, period. This long-lasting cat scratcher doubles as a cat bed and looks chic in any living space. The corrugated cardboard provides an ideal surface for your cat’s nails. Since the scratcher is shaped like an infinity loop, you can flip it over when the top side has been torn up and double its shelf life.

$50 at Amazon

9. AncestryDNA Kit

Stars: 4.7

Ratings: 77,000

Ever wondered if you were really related to Abraham Lincoln or if your mother’s family stories were just lore? AncestryDNA can let you trace your roots back decades, helping you figure out where your ancestors were from and who any notable people in your family tree may really be. We love AncestryDNA and recommend it any chance we get.

$59 at Amazon

10. ThisWorx Car Vacuum

Stars: 4

Ratings: 251,000

Any time the ThisWorx car vacuum goes on sale at Amazon, our readers lap it up—it’s unsurprising once you check out the Amazon listing, where more than 250,000 people have sung its praises. This handheld vacuum is perfect for keeping your car tidy, whether you’re cleaning up after a pack of little ones or just want to keep your car fresh every day. It’s only $30 right now, which is a great price for such a powerful tool.

$30 at Amazon

11. Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Stars: 4.5

Ratings: 13,000

Our readers—and Amazon shoppers—are obsessed with the Dolphin Nautilus pool cleaner. It’s not cheap, but when it comes to pool maintenance, it’s well worth the investment. This robot vacuum can climb your pool’s walls and scan the bottom to clean up any unwanted finds before they cause an even more expensive problem.

$899 at Amazon

12. Sun Joe Pressure Washer

Stars: 4.5

Ratings: 52,000

Spring time means spring cleaning, and if you’ve been wanting to clean up that winter funk from your siding, you’ll need a pressure washer. Amazon shoppers love the Sun Joe, the mighty power washer with impressive cleaning capabilities. This model comes with several accessories depending on whether you’re looking to wash your house, car or pavement.

$169 at Amazon

13. ChomChom Pet Hair Remover

Stars: 4.5

Ratings: 134,000

Pet owners know all too well the joys of scraping up pet hair from every surface of the house. But with the highly rated ChomChom, your days of meticulously scraping with your nails may be over. This tiny device collects pet hair easily without ruining the underlying fabric of your couch or clothes. It’s also reusable, so you don’t have to worry about a one-and-done situation the same way you would with a regular lint roller.

$25 at Amazon

14. O-Cedar Spin Mop

Stars: 4.7

Ratings: 73,000

Mopping is an essential chore, but there’s no fun in manually wringing out your mop every few minutes. The O-Cedar spin mop wrings itself, meaning you can just mop and go without having to worry about getting extra dirty. Our testers loved this model, calling it the best traditional mop you can shop right now.

$48 at Amazon

15. Furbo Pet Camera

Stars: 4.5

Ratings: 33,000

Ever wondered what your pets are getting up to when you’re out of the house? With the Furbo pet camera, you can keep tabs on your favorite furry ones right from your phone. This model allows you to watch, interact with and even feed your pets while you’re far away from home. It’s perfect for those who work far away or want to take a quick trip while leaving their furry friends alone.

$199 at Amazon

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