1,000 digital ambassadors help hawkers and seniors adopt technology

Meet Mr Michael Hon, 63, who has persuaded scores of seniors – who once shunned e-payments – to use them on a daily basis. The semi-retired businessman, who signed on to become a digital ambassador during the circuit breaker period last year, has a special touch when teaching seniors how to use digital tools. “Most of the time, they are worried about security issues when using e-payments, so I tell them how I had the same worries when I started, and what are the ways to protect oneself.” He does not just tell the seniors and hawkers that they need to adopt technology. He also explains why they need to adopt technology using life examples that they can relate to. He is among the 1,000 digital ambassadors who have been hired and trained by SDO to help hawkers and seniors make the leap. MCI Minister S. Iswaran said using seniors like Mr Hon was just one of the ideas hatched using design thinking, a human-centred interactive process, to ensure that no one is left behind in Singapore’s continuing digitalisation push…. Continue Reading


Donovan Larsen

Donovan is a columnist and associate editor at the Dark News. He has written on everything from the politics to diversity issues in the workplace.

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