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10 Money Insights From 25 Years of Financial Writing | Personal Finance

4. Where goals live

To help set goals, review your calendar and bank statements. Where you spend your time and money is who you are. Time and money are what you change to become who you want to be.

5. Budgeting is overrated

There, I said it. But if you’re not going to create a household budget, at least regularly examine your past spending and categorize it. Financial websites and apps can help. Money leaks will be obvious, as will ideas for intentional spending.

6. The ledger has two sides

You can’t out-earn dumb spending and you can’t nickel-and-dime your way to prosperity. When it comes to money management, you have income and outgo. The rest is just details.

On the other hand, it really helps to know some details.

7. Time-for-money is a fail

Most people cannot get ahead solely by trading their time for money at a job. Instead, your money needs to make its own money. You can’t do that with minuscule bank interest anymore, so it means investing.

Just because someone can scrounge a “Pulitzer Prize” by turning out perhaps the most consistently hilarious newspaper writing of the past, oh, half century. Doesn’t meant he/she’s capable of fashioning a novel. Book writing is a whole lot of another business. That’s the argument on paper, anyway.


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